Will Ravana be victorious in this era?

There has hardly been any day since last one week when Chandrashekhar, the chief of Bhima Army in Saharanpur, is not mentioned in the newspapers. He has been released from jail. His image has been created as the messiah of Dalits. Chandrashekhar left prison last Friday and now there is a gathering of media, leaders, well wishers at his house. Journalists from Delhi and elsewhere are reaching their village Chhutmalpur to interview them. People are coming from far away villages and Uttarakhand. The process of meeting is so much that Chandra Shekhar’s health also deteriorated.

His statements are being published every day. Journalists are exploring political implications in his release. Dalit society has got a new role model. In view of the impending Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh, all political parties are now working on the Chandrasekhar factor.

After Chandrasekhar’s release from prison, two things have happened which are clearly visible. Chandrasekhar’s weight and popularity has increased. Second, he has removed the word Ravana from his name. The dress is the same, white jeans, blue shirt, blue cloth and black glasses. Posters have now been made of his photo, which emphasizes mustache. Not only Chandrashekhar, now people are also taking selfies with his mother Kamlesh Devi. People surround them. Some take selfies, some give their visiting cards, some bless their hands with their heads.

Amidst all this, Chandrashekhar is familiar with the media, interviewing someone and giving a statement to someone. In his room are a photo of Dr. Ambedkar and in the other there are pictures of Kanshi Ram, Balmiki, Phule, Buddha and Sant Ravidas.

Is Chandrashekhar really a new Dalit face in Hindi belt politics? Can they be an alternative to the Bahujan Samaj Party, claiming the support of the frozen Jamaat Dalits? Will his support be decisive in the next Lok Sabha election? Will the current phase of his popularity last till the Lok Sabha elections? Will Chandrashekhar be able to bear the brunt of politics? The questions about the politics of Chandrashekhar are numerous. But the answer to all these questions will be revealed gradually, for the moment Chandrashekhar, as in UP says: ‘Bhakal and Jalwa’ are tight.

Political impact

On Friday, September 14, 2018, at around three o’clock in the morning, Chandrashekhar was released from the district jail of Saharanpur, a day before his order of release went viral on social media.

First and foremost assessment shows that by releasing Chandrasekhar, Bharatiya Janata Party has played the Dalit card. Now there will be a dent in the Dalit vote, which will harm Mayawati’s BSP. The electoral equations will change and Dalits will fall into his court. Chandrasekhar dismissed all these apprehensions in his first statement, saying that he will oppose the BJP in 2019. The Bhima Army also opposed the BJP in the bypoll of the Kairana Lok Sabha. Two assembly constituencies of Kairana Lok Sabha fall in Saharanpur district. This election was won by the Rashtriya Lok Dal on behalf of the coalition.

Opposition to the BJP cannot be said to be unexpected by Chandrasekhar. The Shabbirpur scandal in Saharanpur, after which Chandrashekhar went to jail, happened during the tenure of the present BJP government. Local equations also say that Dalits are not going to gain anything by supporting BJP. Apart from this, the arrests in the Bharat Bandh of April 2, mobilization of the upper castes against the SC / ST Act, are all happening during the tenure of the BJP. If we look at some very local reasons, you will find that many Dalits are still facing unilateral action of the police in the Shabbirpur case. In such a situation, how could he dare to support the BJP.

When Chandrasekhar added blood relation to BSP supremo Mayawati and described her as his aunt and expressed his intention to support the alliance. After this statement, everyone felt that now everything will proceed in the desired direction as expected. But Mayawati rebuffed this relationship in an instant. Not only this, he had earlier also pointed towards the Bhagat of Bhima Army and BJP. A person with political understanding can easily understand that the BSP cannot hand over its political accumulated capital to anyone so easily.

This is an important opportunity for Mayawati and BSP. Mayawati has rejected the Bhima Army just like a respected leader, without giving any consideration to it. Because the catchment area of ​​both the sides is one. So in case of becoming two contenders, the BSP has to suffer a loss, whatever the Bhim Army gains will be a profit.

It is true that Chandrasekhar’s influence is on the nearby Dalit seats including Saharanpur. But its electoral result is yet to be seen. Secondly, this influence of Bhim Army will show its effect in the entire state, it is too early to believe. The BSP’s vote bank is still with him despite all the decline and upheaval. In Uttar Pradesh even before this, all such comets flashed from time to time and then extinguished. In the 2012 assembly elections, Dr. Ayub of Gorakhpur also emerged as the Messiah of Muslims under the banner of Peace Party. But after one election, his attraction was lost.

If the Samajwadi Party is talking about it, they are doing their trick only by seeing the face of BSP. If the BSP has some exasperation, then at the moment the SP cannot even think in the dream. Meaning if the BSP does not like it, then how will the SP take it? Anyway, the SP should claim the Dalit vote with the Bhima Army, this is a ridiculous situation. Akhilesh Yadav has made his position clear by giving a statement that he is also ready to step back two steps to defeat the BJP.

They do not want to annoy Mayawati at any cost.

Now the Congress left. In the situation of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh, there is no harm in getting the Bhim Army to support it from anywhere. She has not yet become a part of a possible grand alliance. The Congress has no remaining caste vote bank. There are leaders with mass support at a small level. Where Saharanpur is the base of the Bhima Army, a senior Congress leader Imran Masood comes from there. The same Imran Masood who gave a slanderous statement with sarcasm.

It is said that he has a good relationship with Chandrasekhar. Both also help each other. This nexus can run at the local level. But even if the Congress wants to project Chandrasekhar by making a face in the state, it is not possible because the party does not have local workers. The party is zero at the level of the organization.

According to Dalit thinker Kanwal Bharti who went to jail during the SP rule, the release of Chandrashekhar is a well thought out strategy of BJP to distribute Jatav votes. “See, just as Shivpal Yadav is working to distribute votes, similarly Chandrashekhar has been released before time. If he gets out of jail, he will be highlighted and then Jatav will influence the vote,” says Bharti.

Bharti says, “No Yadav or Dalit caste has its own leadership, except for the Yadavs in the Backwards and the Mayawati among the Jatavs in Uttar Pradesh. All the leaders are in the BJP only. In such a situation, Chandra Shekhar will become a Jatav leader and there will be vote-sharing, which will be the first benefit for the BJP. ”Although Chandrashekhar has made a very clear statement that he had earlier offered in Kairana by-election to contest elections but his aim is to defeat BJP.

What can happen next

If everything goes on smoothly, Chandrashekhar will take time to make his place. For the moment, he has declared the Bhim Army to be non-political. But if their support affects the decision of the electorate, then of course they will become a force. A lot depends on the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well. If a non-BJP government comes to the center, then the voice of Chandrashekhar will remain.

By the way, Chandrasekhar met the Maulana Arshad Madni, the Sadar of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind yesterday and pointed to the possible Dalit-Muslim equation. But as was said earlier, any such equation will be limited to Saharanpur and around it. But it is certain that Chandrasekhar will always be a cause of trouble for the BSP.

In a big state like Uttar Pradesh, there is no organization of Bhim Army in large areas like Purvanchal, Awadh, Bundelkhand. It is obviously under an entire political process that takes time. Whether or not he has foresight, leadership ability, etc. within Chandrasekhar is yet to be decided.

The biggest plus point with Chandrasekhar is his young age. Nobody has seen tomorrow. No one knows how the political event will take shape, it is no surprise if a big state like Uttar Pradesh gets divided tomorrow. In such a situation, Chandrashekhar and his Bhima Army will become a strong voice in itself.


Four years ago, the name of Chandrashekhar and his Bhima Army came to the limelight when his photo came in the village Ghudkouli with a board written ‘The Great Chamar’. This board came to be considered a model of Dalit empowerment. The influence of Bhima Army started spreading. The Bhim Army also started doing social work such as running free schools.

On May 5 last year, there was a Dalit and Rajput struggle in Shabbirpur village of Saharanpur. One person died in it. Protests against this incident took place on May 9 in which violent incidents took place, vehicles were burnt in arson. Chandrasekhar and others were sued in this. After this incident, BSP chief Mayawati went there to know the situation. After his return, there was violence again in Ambehta Chand and one person died. Chandra Shekhar was roped in on 2 November 2017. He remained in jail for a total of 464 days, of which 317 days were detained at Rasuka. Just 48 days later, Rasuka’s term was being completed. The state government says that this premature release has taken place after considering the representation of Chandrasekhar’s mother.


Champaran: Communal violence in Gandhi’s work place

The gap between Hindu-Muslim communities is increasing in Dhaka Town of Champaran district of Bihar, famous for Gandhi’s ‘Satyagraha’. On the occasion of Muharram on Sunday, there were several clashes between the two communities. Hindutva fanatics pelted stones on a fresh procession and in the evening of the same day some people attacked Muslim passers-by with deadly weapons like sticks and swords. More than 7 people have been injured in this attack.

According to locals, people of the majority community pelted stones near the Brahmasthan on the Tajiya procession coming from the village of Bisarahia on Sunday. At about 6 o’clock in the evening of the same day, near the Jhawwa Chowk, 2 km away from the Dhaka police station area, Muslim passers-by were stopped and beaten up.

The head of one of the victims is torn, one person’s finger is amputated. Many people have also suffered fatal injuries on their bodies.

Nausheen, one of the injured, said, “The attackers must have been in the number of 200. They forcibly called us ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and attacked them with sticks and heavy weapons. ”

Evidently, the prima facie Hindutva forces are behind this attack. Victims say that the attackers also snatched away their mobile and money. “They took away my 12000 rupees and sabotaged my motor cycle too,” Nausheen said.

Mamu Aslam of the victim Nausheen said, “There are four injured in Patna’s Rainbow Hospital while two are admitted in Rahmania Hospital in Motihari city.”

After this sudden violence, sensation spread throughout the region. Shops and markets in Dhaka remained closed on the next day in Alam Tafri.

On Monday night, near the Brahmasthan in Dhaka, where a stone had broken a day earlier, miscreants broke into a Muslim shop and broke into it. According to a report by Urdu daily Inquilab, the miscreants surrounded the house of 500-600 shop owner Shakeel Ahmed and started threatening him by saying “get out, tell you”.

After getting the news of this, the police team reached there and somehow managed to control the situation. However, local JDU MLC Khalid Anwar has denied this sentence.

Local doctor Mohammad Akhlaq told that the market opened on Tuesday. Things are normal at the moment. Due to violence, people are leaving less.

Kavadis led to Muharram two days later

Every year in the month of Sawan, Kavadiyas (in local language they are called Bol Bombs) pass water through Dhaka to the Sameshwarnath Mahadev Temple at Areraj. Among them, a group is the one who takes water from Betwaghat on a single day and dedicates water to the Mahadev temple of ‘Areraj’, 80 km away. This is called post bomb. Usually on that day the streets are very crowded and security is tightened.

This time, on September 21, Muharram was also there and the postal bomb was also to be known. In view of this, a meeting was convened at Dhaka police station calling the representatives of both the communities. During the meeting, pressure was put on the Muslim delegates to remove Tazia on the 23rd, not on that day (on 21 September), ”said Imam Nazrul Mubin of Jama Masjid who attended the meeting.

According to Imam Mubin, after that meeting, after consulting the Muslims, they decided to take out Tazia on the 23rd i.e. Sunday and informed the local police station about this decision. It was tried in such a way that the Tajiya does not clash with the Kanvadis. Despite this, the Hindu procession attacked the Tajiya procession.

Local doctors refer to communal tension in the Akhlaq region, “This time the ‘Mahavir flag’ (which was celebrated one and a half months ago) was the first time they (majority community) came out with a sword. In view of this, the Muslims had closed their shops. ”This was done to avoid the possibility of any kind of dispute.

Police attitude

The police tried their best to control communal tension during Muharram. But Jhawwa Chowk, where there was a mass attack on Muslims, did not reach there. After the violence, the family members of the victims got scared and were seeking the support of the police to take them to the hospital but no help was received. “Two hours later, at 8 o’clock in the night when the police came, he was taken to the hospital,” said Abul Kalam, the nephew of the victim Sanaullah.

After the incident, Inspector Arjun Kumar of Dhaka police station has been suspended on Monday. A new inspector AK Azad has been appointed in his place.

MLC Khalid Anwar of the ruling party Janata Dal United (JDU) of the state has questioned the police action. He said of the suspended Inspector Arjun Kumar, “The Inspector did not deploy security forces on time. He has been suspended due to lax action. ”

When an attempt was made to contact local SP Upendra Kumar in connection with the incident, he refused to talk. However, in a statement given to Dainik Jagran, he has said, “A video of the entire incident has been seen. In it, the faces of 15 to 28 years old have been marked. All are being verified. ”

The victims told that District Magistrate Raman Kumar has taken his written statement and police has also registered an FIR in this regard. It will be seen how long the police arrest the culprits.


Russia and America test the Indian balance on the tied rope

The current summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be held in New Delhi on Friday in the current phase of international politics is very special for several reasons. While the two leaders are expected to sign a five-billion dollar S-400 missile defense system deal, on the other hand, the US has objected to this and warned of economic and strategic sanctions on India. According to the news, recently, when the US Secretary of State and Defense Minister came to India for two plus two talks, they had a long discussion with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on this issue only.

The second important aspect of this tour is to strengthen cooperation in the field of energy between the two countries. The first consignment of LPG has arrived from Russia earlier this year and in 2017 there was a ten-fold increase in energy imports. In November this year, due to US sanctions, Iranian oil imports can either be cut drastically, or have to be stopped altogether. In such a situation, opening a new path for oil imports from Russia will also be a major effort of the Indian side.

Where Was The Amount Invested?

Till last year, bilateral trade reached $ 10.17 billion and the figure of mutual investment is currently at $ 30 billion, which has been set by both countries to reach $ 50 billion by 2025. On Independence Day this year, the Prime Minister has made an ambitious announcement to send Indian astronauts to the moon by 2022. Russia is ready to help in this project and for training astronauts. A compromise is expected in this regard also on Friday.

An indication of increased cooperation between the two countries is that Prime Minister Modi and President Putin have met four times since last year’s meeting. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has visited Russia three times in the last 11 months. Some more high-level visits have taken place from both sides. But this visit of the Russian President and the purchase of defense is being said in large part of the Indian media and on the part of many foreign affairs commentators that this deal can worry India, China and Pakistan in one stroke. Yes, this is an exaggeration. It is true that America has a big objection and can also declare partial sanctions. But, the main reason for this is not India’s courage.

US President Donald Trump is pursuing protectionist policies to strengthen the domestic economy. One result of this is in the face of the Sino-US trade war and conflict with the European Union. In the same sequence, Trump has also been criticizing the Indian tariff system and mentioning the trade deficit with India. In the past, he has also claimed that the US is willing to enter into a new trade agreement with India.

Now whether this is true or not, such an agreement may be needed in the coming days, because any negative attitude of America in the matter of tariffs can prove very harmful for our economy. The situation is very critical at the level of exports at the moment and investors are withdrawing their money fast. From the geopolitical point of view, India needs America regarding China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In such a situation, India does not have the option to create more tension with America. The alternative is to balance.

It is not difficult for the current Indian foreign policy. In the case of Iran, America can be considered and in return, it can be demanded softening on defense purchases from Russia.

In this situation, the talk of the ban will be happening for a few days just for the media and people to consume. This is also important for Trump administration. There are mid-term elections in November. Investigations are still underway for alleged allegations of Russian interference and benefiting Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. In this environment, Trump would like to show that he is not soft on Putin or Russia. It is not that the US does not know that India takes almost 60 percent of its defense needs from Russia.

Talking about Pakistan and China, the relationship of these two countries with Russia is constantly getting better. They will not have serious objection to this deal. It should not be forgotten that our trade and investment with China is also deepening. Russia is also supportive of China’s belt-road initiative and has objected to the initiative of the United States, India, Japan and Australia in the Indo-Pacific. Stress has been going on with Pakistan and will continue to go on like this. There is too much to be done, so that Pakistan and China also buy some defense goods from here and there.

It should also be kept in mind that the purchase and sale of defense related equipment is not just a bargain, but also has political and economic dimensions. India is looking towards Russia for its energy needs, so Russia, facing the ban of America and Europe, also needs a market for its oil and gas.

Dominating The Market

Whether Trump’s United States shows its stubbornness, Jinping’s China being aggressive in practice or Putin’s Russia trying to dominate the global stage, international politics cannot be governed by just one or a few factors. He has a plurality of factors affecting his movements.

Where our defense relations with Russia are strong, then next year India and America are also doing joint exercises. It is also discussed that President Trump may visit India soon. On one hand, Trump is openly opposed to globalization, while Modi, Putin and Jinping are multi-polar Favors Schw. That is to say, the Modi-Putin summit should be seen as a routine meeting and the purchase of missile defense systems as a routine deal.

This opportunity should be avoided with a meaningless attempt to defy America, Pakistan and China. It should not be forgotten that our trade with America and China is many times more than the trade with Russia. Why would any government want to disturb this calculation?

Modi’s Akbar is ‘great’

For the last four years, the BJP and the Sangh people have been engaged in cutting the greatness of that great Akbar, who was also successful, which was a big character of history. That Akbar is no longer great in the syllabus. But what will they do now when the Akbar ‘great’ of the Modi cabinet has gone out? The reference to Akbar’s ‘greatness’ in the Modi cabinet is not that he built forts, but that he created an aura of complex English around him and then killed trust in that fort. Wounded deeply on the body and mind of women journalists.

What Prime Minister Modi will do to this Akbar, will the Hindi-speaking inferior victim take care of Akbar’s English or exclude him from the syllabus of his government. We not only Hindi people but also English people take advantage of meaningless ornate English, which means only to raise the bar of scholarship. Akbar is nothing but English.

In India, such English speaking villages are considered great scholars from Delhi to Delhi. MJ Akbar is the name in the world of journalism that I exemplify. I always say be Akbar. First do journalism, then become an MP of a party, then get out of that party and call its leader’s family a thief and then become a minister in another party. Whether or not the Mughals’ Akbar was great, but Modi’s Akbar is indeed ‘great’. Think today how External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will look at this Akbar, how will the women officers and employees of the Ministry of External Affairs go to this Akbar’s room?

Same Party

I am referring to MJ Akbar’s ‘greatness’ because he has not changed any party. The minister of state has not become a cabinet minister. You know that women journalists in India are sharing their experiences of sexual exploitation in this profession. It is being called the English word Meetu, that is what has happened to me too, I also want to tell. Under this, many women journalists have given proof with the photo of WhatsApp chat, that the editor-level journalist had a kind of indecent conversation with them and hurt their self-respect and body. Akbar’s favor has not come, waiting is waiting, Prime Minister’s favor is also waiting.

Under the Meetu movement, Hindustan Times political editor Prashant Jha, whose book ‘How BJP wins’ has been widely discussed, has had to resign. Prashant Jha’s resignation did not make it clear that he had admitted his guilt and whether the investigation will be done now because it is not mentioned at all. Many women journalists have expressed their grief in all these contexts. These stains on his mind and body were going on for a long time. If you get an opportunity, I told you. Hrithik Roshan has refused to work with a director who is accused of sexual exploitation. Action is being taken against the Resident Editor of Times of India. The public is watching what Prime Minister Modi is doing.

In the course of the Meetu campaign, journalist Rohini Singh tweeted that how can it be that women journalists are talking about big editors but are silent about who is currently sitting in the center of power. Rohini Singh did not take anyone’s name, but perhaps his interest is such that everyone understood that the one who is sitting next to the throne by putting a stool i.e. the Minister of State for External Affairs is the same. He is the one who hid his ‘greatness’ till date.

Journalist Priya Ramani also wrote that she had written about her sexual exploitation in Vogue magazine last year and started the story with an incident with MJ Akbar. Priya did not take the name of MJ Akbar at that time, but wrote the name of MJ Akbar, sharing the link of the story of 2017. Said that the story that begins with this is MJ Akbar. Priya has written that she had run away that night. Never went to the room alone with her again. This is the Akbar who is sitting with a room in the Ministry of External Affairs in the Modi Cabinet.

By reading the story of an anonymous woman journalist on the Firstpost website, your bowels will come out. It will be known that MJ Akbar used to work with the system to hunt women. Used to make plans Used to force him to come to his room. You will not be able to read this story completely. When Akbar has given a deep wound to this woman journalist, he is terrible at reading, what should that woman journalist have had to face in saving and keeping it in the corner of memories. Whenever she would see the name of MJ Akbar, she would see black night in her mind. When Akbar called alone in the room. Sent him to remove the snow and then with his criminal touch made him half dead. As soon as he turned, Akbar held him. She somehow got rid of. Took off the sandals on the stairs and ran barefoot from that hotel in Mumbai.

The story of MJ Akbar told by journalist Ghazala Wahab in The Wire is gruesome. Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi sack MJ Akbar after reading this? According to me, I should pay taxes or bring them in front of everyone at BJP headquarters this evening and say that I make this Akbar the Deputy Prime Minister. Tell me what you guys will do. You do not know the journalists, all of you will clap. Wow.

If a woman had made the same accusation against Rahul Gandhi, the BJP would have been holding a press conference till the office of the concierge, the minister would have left his job and was giving a statement Ever since the name of MJ Akbar has come, BJP leaders have not remembered the press conference.

The Great Man

Among the journalists who have left their marks in the corridors of the city, Akbar also has a name. After Modi came to power, it was laughed that journalists who had taken power were shown the way out. The public could not see that the biggest name of that Lutyen faction is sitting in the lap of the government. By becoming the Minister of State for External Affairs. The remaining anchors became Lutyens’ new smoothie. Lutyens Delhi won. He told that the emperor also drowns in its well and the pawn drowns and floats on the surface of the water. Akbar is swimming.

The Quint website and the Telegraph newspaper have reported on Akbar. Akbar was the founding editor of the Telegraph. He is called by many surnames in journalism. Which institution did not give this opportunity to Akbar, while everyone knew about its story. Even when Akbar went to Modi’s cabinet, his past was in the cognizance of politicians. Modi and Shah do not know, it is like declaring yourself innocent. Nevertheless, MJ Akbar was made a minister. Everyone knows Akbar. They get nervous with English which is of no use.

Akbar, who wrote the book in the pride of Nehru, was overturned by every word of his book. His faith in his handwriting suggests that Akbar has no faith. It is with power, with that power which will remain for fifty years. Modi will win the elections of four states and will say that the people are with us. Our opponents oppose me. All these words will save Akbar. But the Prime Minister is still with you, answer why Akbar is with you?

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi missing, question mark on Western countries close to Saudi Arabia

The secret of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi is getting deeper. On October 2, he went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey to collect divorce documents. He is not known since then. Saudi Arabia says that they came to the embassy, ​​but soon returned. He has no idea about them.

In the CCTV video, Khashogi can be seen going inside the embassy, ​​but there is no evidence of his coming out. Turkish sources involved in the investigation of this issue have expressed their apprehension in the information given to the media that this well-known Saudi journalist has been murdered within the embassy and his body has been torn to pieces.

Born in Medina, 60-year-old Khashoggi fled Saudi Arabia last year due to increasing pressure from the imperial Saudi regime. In the country and outside media, he continuously criticized the policies of Emperor Salman and his son Shahzada Mohammed. He has also been speaking out against Israel and US President Trump. The disappearance of such a person, or the alleged killing is not only a big news for the Arabs, but also a big setback for the western countries of Saudi Arabia. Arabia has lost a strong democratic voice and the West now has to prove that it is serious about such acts of Saudi rule.

Important European countries have demanded an inquiry into the whole matter. Some countries and big businessmen have boycotted events in Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, President Trump also warned Saudi rule. Saudi Arabia also responded to this with the same attitude. Experts believe that Saudi Arabia can also use oil which has a special place in the global economy as a weapon. This gesture has also been given by Riyadh in gestures. It would not be right to see the rise in crude oil prices on Monday from an economic or financial perspective.

Change In The Radar

Things have started changing since Monday. President Trump has expressed doubts about the conversation with Emperor Salman that “rogue elements may have killed Khashoggi”. He also said that Saudi Shah has ordered an internal investigation. This statement shows their softness. One, Saudi Arabia is the closest to America in that area, and the other is that Shahzada Mohammad bin Salman and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are very well versed. After father, only King Mohammed has to be found.

Britain and France are currently confined to statements and will continue to do so because their political and business relations with the Saudi royal family are as deep as those of the US. British historian Mark Curtis, in his book ‘Secret Affairs: Britons Collusion with Radical Islam’, has described in detail the Saudi-British relationship and also complained that the British media has given its people the right information The responsibility is not fulfilled.

Shehzade has taken no effort in strengthening her hold in the country. With measures such as allowing women to drive cars, opening cinemas and controlling Wahhabi clerics and religious police, they are wooing the new generation, tightening stance on Yemen, Syria and Iran and improving relations with Egypt and Israel in the region. Are interfering in politics They are also solving their challenges by tightening their nerves on the Shahazad of Shahi al-Saud Khanadan. They are following a policy of not tolerating any dissatisfaction.

For this reason, Jamal’s disappearance and alleged murder also go to him. It should also be noted that the tradition of dissatisfying people, including members of the royal family, to detain, detain and kill them is not new. But after coming to power in the hands of Mohammed bin Salman, such incidents have happened very fast. The news of heavy recovery from the arrest of more than two hundred Shahzadas is not old.

Last year, dozens of human rights and social workers have been detained, including women. British lawyers – Rodney Dixon, Lord Ken Macdonald and Eden Ellis – published detailed reports on the mass arrests in September 2017 in February this year. In September last year, Jamal Khasogi ran out of Saudi Arabia for the last time.

The Family

In 2015, a special member of the royal family, Shahzada Turki bin Bandar, was kidnapped and taken to Saudi Arabia. About five years ago, he fled the country and was living in Paris. At one time he used to be a senior officer of Saudi Police Department and his responsibility was to supervise the royal family. He had to go to jail due to family dispute. After his release from prison, he came to France. Coming to Paris, he started the process of putting videos on the Internet. In those videos he used to demand reform in Saudi Arabia.

Another Shahzade Saud has also been missing for criticizing the Saudi regime on Twitter. In September 2015, this princess had appealed to overthrow the emperor Salman. The princess was brought directly from the ship to Saudi Arabia on the pretext of taking Italy from Milan to Rome in connection with the business meeting.

Another angry Shahzada Khalid bin Farhan is in Germany right now and he also fears that he may be kidnapped. Shahzada Sultan bin Turki bin Abdul Aziz was picked up from Geneva and brought to Saudi Arabia. The BBC made a documentary on these kidnappings last year, stating that the attitude of Western countries in these cases has been in favor of Saudi Arabia.



Government and military havoc on Pakistani media

One of the top anchors and journalists of Pakistani media is Matiullah Jan, who has been critical of the role of the military in government and politics. He also does not miss criticizing the Supreme Court, which a large section of the Pakistani media considers an independent institution of the state.

In the second week of October, Matiullah was dismissed by Time News. Vakti News is a private news channel, in which Matiullah was doing the prime time talk show “Apna Apne Gireban” for the last 6 years. He informed himself of his job when his talk show On Air was airing. He tweeted- “I got an order to leave after 6 years with Vakta News.”

In the Pakistani media, the removal of Matiullah is being seen as the last point of the long process in which the army and the PTI government have suppressed the Pakistani media. This process also included the closure of government subsidies, which the government used to give to media houses in the form of advertisements.

From 1970, the Pakistani government subsidized them by paying crores of rupees to media houses as advertisements. The actual amount spent during this period is a secret between the owners of media houses and the governments. However, this funding was considered sufficient to make media houses commercially competent.

Some Financial Issues

“The financial crisis of news institutions has been created by the army. After the PTI government came to power, the situation has worsened and since then the government has stopped giving its advertisements to media houses. ”The owner of a small newspaper said on condition of not revealing his identity. He also said that soon he will close his newspaper because he is running commercially in deficit.

On October 17, 2018, the day Matiullah was taken out of the news, a delegation of Pakistani media owners held a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan at his office, Islamabad. And asked them to revisit the policy of stopped advertising of media houses.

According to a government insider, every media owner tried to persuade Prime Minister Imran Khan to revive the government subsidy that the news agencies get. Khan listened to everyone but he refused to release advertisements to media houses. On the contrary, he issued a suggestion that the salaries of the anchors who are being given lakhs of rupees should be cut.

There was no talk on the subject of undeclared censorship of the media in the meeting. Neither Imran Khan nor the owners of media houses raised the issue of criticism in the media of the “role in army politics”. The issue was dropped for a second meeting, which was with the military’s media media department, commonly known as the Inter-State Public Relations Directorate (ISPR). Its head is a major general. ISPR has an important role in media management carried out by Pakistan State Machinery. Many journalists have accused the ISPR of pressuring journalists and reporters criticizing the “role in army politics” to get them working against their will.

The strength that ISPR has gained in Pakistan can only be gauged from the fact that Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary was summoned in a meeting between the owners of media houses and ISPR chief Major General Asif Ghafoor. People inside said that the army officials specifically said that “criticism of the army will not be accepted in future.” Army officials made it clear to Don Group owner Hamid Haroon that it was further unacceptable for his newspaper to show “Kashmiri Freedom Fighters” as “rebels” and “extremists”.

Neither the government nor the army gave any information about this meeting to the general public. The media owner is not ready to accept that he went to the Prime Minister to talk about the restoration of his advertising revenue. The only indication that suggests subsidies were discussed in the meeting is the removal of Matiullah Jan and a senior anchor Murtaza Solangi from their channels within 24 hours. This crisis has been seen in the media for the last three months, ever since he has been sacking his employees or cutting the salary of his senior staff.

However, with the removal of Matiullah, a big debate has arisen in the media that both the army and the government have gone out of the stranglehold of independent media. At the time, the news has not given any clear reason for his removal. But Matiullah is clear about the reason that the army’s mission is to target independent journalists. Speaking to Newslaundry, he said- “It is connected to financial crisis, which the media is grappling with.” But this is more a case of criminalization of political, in which the army has targeted me. There are some other journalists who have been declared as “non-personal persons” in their press conferences, ie an unwanted person in their own country. ”

Suppressing the capital of the media is only one part of this campaign. The direct threats to journalists in Pakistan have not been heard yet in Pakistan. Says Matiullah, “A few months ago, the army issued an alert for some journalists, including him. It said that his life was threatened by terrorists. “He adds,” I don’t think it was a warning, it directly

There was a direct threat

Matiullah is not the only person to make such a complaint. Another senior journalist and anchor, Talat Hussain, says that the army used to work on pressurizing journalists indirectly. Talat Hussain is also critical of the role of the army, which is alleged to have rigged the PTI to power in the last parliamentary election.

“Now the management of my channel is telling me that if you don’t worry about your job then you should take care of the jobs of hundreds of colleagues whose jobs will be lost due to the closure of the channel,” Talat Hussain recently told his Said this in a video blog.

Between the media houses struggling with deep financial crisis and the state power that came out to control free voices, the future of Pakistani media seems hopeless.

Election … power … Democracy of loot is true hunger and poverty

If democracy means election, then poverty will mean election promise. If democracy means loot of power, then snatching the stomach of the citizens will be the rant of democracy. And to understand this, there is no need to wait for independence in 2019. Only the ground truth has to be understood, which the Modi government also knows and the 195 countries of the world also know, who are members of the United Nations.

That is, the world considers India as a market because the power here is ready to give permission to loot the country’s mineral resources on commission. India is so low in social index that rejected goods of developed countries are consumed in India. And the market of India is so developed that the medicines which the developed countries of the world have considered to be fatal, that deadly medicine is consumed in the market of India. That is, a wonderful democracy, because on the one hand, power, corporate and multinational companies start working on the lines of developed countries, on the other hand, the leftovers which were left to the poor after the plunder and consumption of mineral resources in favor of citizens, that A symbol of the welfare scheme is made.

And for who should be entitled to such a system, there is an election, on which the money of the loot system is looted. But to understand what is the condition of the land of this democracy of looting system, check only those three states of the country, where two national political parties are facing each other in the elections.

The ruling BJP has twelve, because it is the only government in all three states. And especially from Modi-Amit Shah, the Sangh Parivar is proud that there is no such rule in Madhya Pradesh like Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Those who call themselves farmers. So the Hindu people also take a sap. Those who also take care of volunteers and have been given jobs in all the districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Enhancing The Dimensions

But no one speaks on the fact that forty percent people of Madhya Pradesh fall under the purview of Multidimensional Poverty Index. That is, the question is not just below the poverty line. Rather, Madhya Pradesh is trapped in the vicious cycle of being malnourished, ill, living hungry. And this is what UNDP, the organization that runs the United Nations Development Program, says.

Based on this UNDP report, India gets financial help. But since the path of help also goes to the poor through Delhi, it shows the poor the election manifesto of power in lieu of bread. Asks for votes And despite all, there is no improvement in the condition of the poor. That is, it is also a question whether the help which is provided for the poor India from all over the world through different programs, does not even usurp political power. Power is in many moods. Central or state power also needs many welfare institutions to grab this money.

Institutions that work for poverty or the poor also support the government in grabbing foreign aid money. Or to say that power recognizes or gives money only to those institutions which stand with political power in grabbing the rupee. In such a situation, in which Madhya Pradesh, billions of rupees are being looted in publicity to occupy the power of the country. Leaders flying across the sky from a chartered plane and helicopter are hitting Kulache. True lies are serving everything. How much and where the land can be seen from that sky.

In the world map, the country of Africa, Namibia is one such country which has maximum hunger. And imagine UNDP report says that Namibia’s MPI ie Multinational Poverty Index ie multidimensional poverty level is 0.181. And Madhya Pradesh also has a label of 0.181. That is, Madhya Pradesh is at the same stage as Namibia.

So how tragic is the truth of the lie that tells the poor citizens about the economy of India, its development. It can also be understood from this that in 2015, when Prime Minister Modi came to campaign in Bihar elections, he gave a speech – “Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are no longer a sick state. And Bihar needs BJP to overcome its sickness. “But the truth is not only tragic in Madhya Pradesh but Rajasthan’s identity as Guatemala, the second most sick country in the world. According to the UNDP report, the MPI of Guatemala is 0.143 and the same index is also for Rajasthan.

Chhattisgarh, called the rice bowl, has also not developed, as claimed by Raman Singh, who has been in power for a decade. The line related to poverty is that of Zimbabwe, the same line belongs to Chhattisgarh. That is, how the countries are flourishing in different provinces under the shade of rich political democracy or the situation like the world’s most hungry or poor countries. But power is always rich. And how the meaning of Reasi is that the methods used to obtain power by enslaving the citizens can be understood from the economic social conditions of the citizens.

The Oxfom report says that India’s politics competes with European countries economically. That is, our nation’s leaders and political parties are in a position to beat the RECs as much as the top 10 countries of the world are in power. And after 2014, there have been four moons in the regency of power, which is leaving even the US senators behind.

But what is the condition of the states in this regard. For example, the country’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh, MPI ie Multidimensional Poverty Index is 0.180. Which is equivalent to Congo. So can anyone say that Yogi

Rulers of the Congo. Shivraj is the ruler of Namibia. Vasundhara is the ruler of Guatemala. Raman Singh is the ruler of Zimbabwe.

The truth of Bihar in which the BJP continued to vie for power and Nitish Kumar kept linking himself to the winds of Bihar is that it is at the bottom of India and the fifth lowest in the world from Malavai in South East Africa Sits equivalent. That is, Nitish Kumar Malavai is the ruler of the country. Which is running with the support of BJP.

Why is it important in the country to pressure the public to contest elections on a zero budget. The biggest reason for this is this loot system, around which the melody of democracy is sung. And the extent is that the state of Kerala, in which the politics of women has become blind due to the entry of women and politics is not wanting to comment even on the decision of the Supreme Court, politics also wants to drag it into its own quagmire. It seems, because Kerala is among the most developed states in the country, which has the lowest poverty. And among the countries of the world, Kerala is compared to Jordan. The MPI here is 0.004. So before going to grab the country in the name of politics and power, electoral democracy, be warned.

Delhi-NCR construction ban: ‘work is closed here, there is compulsion to return to village’

Mohammad Nazar-ul will be on forced leave for the next 10 days, the Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has banned construction works in Delhi NCR. Mohammad Nazar, 28 years old, comes from Darbhanga district of Bihar. To stop the construction work by EPCA means that their earning channel will be closed for the next 10 days.

“The manager of our contractor said that the government has banned all construction work from 1st to 10th due to pollution,” he said. Mohammad Nazar lives with his wife and 3 children in a small hut near the construction site which his contractor has provided in Sector A of Gurugram.

Like all housing projects nearby, construction work has also been stopped. The material used in construction works is blowing air and adding dust particles. Until the ban of EPCA is lifted, all this will remain. Nazar-ul and his neighbors have been living in the same place during the last 5 construction projects, which have been given to them.

Nazar gets 210 rupees for a shift. Usually, they do two shifts throughout the day. Accordingly, in these ten days, they will lose wages of about 4000 rupees. Along with this, during these ten days, there will be around 2000 rupees for their expenses. Nazar said, “This will cause loss of 6000 of mine and my family. Similarly last year, 10 days did not work due to pollution, due to which we had to go through a lot of difficulties and in 2016 it happened during demonetisation. ”

Getting A Reliable Job 

Nazar says, “We don’t have a house in Darbhanga. It is also difficult to get a permanent job there. My father has evicted me from my property. So there is no question of going back to the village during this time. “He falls silent when his younger daughter Shagufta tries to take out the mobile phone tied on his waist and he says frustratedly that” now 10 days is the time. ” will do.”

Experts in the construction industry suggest that the EPCA has imposed this ban at the wrong time. It is the time of Diwali and immediately after this Chhath festival starts which is the main festival of Bihar, UP and parts of Madhya Pradesh. Incidentally, most of the workers come from these states.

Nazar ul’s 18-year-old neighbor Chandan is also from Rohtas district of Bihar. Chandan told, “The contractor is also from my area. There was no work, so here I come. “Chandan, who worked as a laborer in a housing project in Gurugram, had a mixed reaction to this forced leave.

The reality is that the loss of his income makes him depressed. But since Delhi has come, it was the first time to go home after that, so he bounces with joy. Chandan smiled and said that “I will come back here only after the end of Chhath or maybe by the end of the month.”

Hansraj, 36, works in another building project. His opinion is similar to the rest. “To be here means to spend home and travel. It is better that we go to our village, where the season of festivals and wheat sowing is near. Now we will return only after finishing these two, ”he says.

Apart from the lower class of income, this ban will also hurt the real estate business. Association Certified Relator in India (ASRI), an association of builders and developers from Delhi, Haryana and UP, is also troubled by this ban. “It is a difficult time for the laborers as this will slow down the construction of the project. It is highly unlikely that contractors give wages to laborers during the ban. This will increase both the cost of work and time, “ASRI President Ravindra Agarwal told Newslaundry. He says that it is very difficult to extract the loss figures and projects like this ban hang in the balance. Once If they (laborers) leave their work, then it takes 40-45 days for the work to come back in the same process. Big housing projects are hurried with this kind of ban. Receive think.

Agarwal claims that the ban imposed due to the dangerous air of Delhi NCR, has the potential to derail large housing projects. This disperses the entire process of working. If construction works will be stopped, then both the work and its deadline will be affected.

The organization claims that more than 100 major projects in Delhi NCR (comprising Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad) will be affected by this ban of EPCA.

Officials associated with one of Gurugram’s housing projects, who are loudly advertising their Gurugram projects in Delhi, say, “Construction works in two lines, the structure and finally the decoration. Out of these, the decoration work will continue without any hindrance while the structural work has been stopped as per EPCA guidelines. ”

According to him, the decoration work takes place in the second phase of the project, which means that it is out of order of EPCA. But the deadline of the first phase has increased, because structural work creates dust.

Developers are often accused of ignoring the advice and guidelines issued by environmental authorities. As there is a clear violation of the norms of EPCA in the area of ​​Sector 64 to 70A of Gurugram. At many construction sites the building material is left open, debris is also thrown in the open. EPCA has long been demanding local authorities to reduce dust in the NCR, but this order

Designing A Sector

There is no importance for the companies of construction sector here.

It is to be noted that on 31 October, the Supreme Court gave legitimacy to the EPCA by saying that “the air quality will decline rapidly in the coming days in Delhi … and it is arising out of Western disturbance.” From the pictures released by NASA, it is clear that the amount of burning of paddy crop residues has also increased in the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana. This, along with Delhi-NCR’s own sources of pollution, can accelerate the next 10 days immensely. “Air quality in Delhi is already in a very dangerous category, these factors will make the situation worse.

The organization has issued a seven-point Graded Response Plan (GRAP) and has asked the states to implement it. Under GRAP, EPCA has banned all construction activities, including excavation and civil construction, between November 1 and November 10, except where the work is finished and where construction materials are not in use. Due to this, stone-breaking and brick furnaces have also been banned.

ASRI Secretary General Nipun Chawla believes that banning construction works is not a permanent solution. The government will have to work with the developers to ensure that the same machines are used at the sites under construction which are able to absorb the dust. So that all the projects can be completed without hindrance and our environment is also not harmed.

Such ‘solutions’ are difficult to put into practice. The question also arises whether small and medium level developers would agree to follow such norms?

Rafal Deal: Some questions, whose answers are missing from CEO Eric Trappey’s interview

Only one part of the interview of Ten Aviation CEO Eric Trappey was discussed, perhaps because the dock media may have felt that these people have given certificates to the Modi government. If you look carefully at the answer received from ANI editor Smita Prakash’s interview, then Eric Trappiye seems either unaware of the deal or is speaking what he has been told to speak. You can also listen to his answer to the questions of removing Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to make Anil Ambani’s company an offset partner, all doubts will start growing again.

On September 13, Manu Pabi reported in the Economic Times that Mukesh Ambani’s company had taken the initiative to enter into an agreement with Ten Aviation during the UPA but after 2014, they backed down and opted out of the aviation business. According to the old deal, Ten Avision was going to invest one lakh crore, which would fulfill its offset liability. In this report, answers were sought from Mukesh Ambani and Ten Aviation in this matter, but it was not found.

On November 13, 2018, Smita Prakash of ANI asks the CEO of the ten how Anil Ambani got the contract. Smita Prakash reminds that François Hollande has said that the ten were not given the option to choose their offset partner. The Government of India said that nothing like this happened, that pressure was not put on it.

Disagreeing With The Facts

Now in response to this question, Eric Trappié says, “François Oland has denied his point, it is clear that both partners themselves made this agreement, this decision to choose Reliance was not the decision of the French Government or the Government of India. My There is a good example. I started a discussion with Reliance in 2011. Then François Hollande was not the President. Modi was not the Prime Minister. We reached a settlement in 2012. ”

Here Smita Prakash says that even then Reliance was different. He was the second brother. The Prime Minister of India and the President of France were also different. But you were still, and you are still.

The essence of the answer given in English by the CEO of Ten Aviation on this question is something like, “If I said that we decided to move forward, we decided to grow with Reliance. Within the same group because they He has two brothers and is the son of former leader Ambani, so it was completely in the same line, with one or the other company of the same group. ”

Are the CEOs of the ten saying that Mukesh was talking to Ambani’s company in 2011, then in 2015 he started talking to Anil Ambani’s company of the same Reliance Group? His statement is misleading. True, both are children of the same father and are brothers, but do they not know that they both have different companies and their groups. Talk to Mukesh Ambani’s company and give the contract to Anil Ambani’s company, because both are called Ambani?

Eric Trappiye, there is no dearth of Latifas in the WhatsApp University of India that you and Latifah are pushing. From this answer it seems that Mukesh was talking to Ambani, he suddenly got up and left and then came to Anil Ambani. If the face of both of them looked the same, then we gave the contract to Anil Ambani.

Everyone knows that Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani separated in 2005. Mukesh Ambani’s group is the chairman of Reliance Industry. Their group is different. Whose profit is discussed. Anil Ambani’s group is different. The news of losses and loans of thousands of crores are printed on their companies. If both were companies of the same group, the total profit and loss of both would also be same. However, it is not like that. If the CEO of the ten does not know that much, then his company will definitely not make fighter aircraft, packing Sattu. She would sell her stuffed in bomb.

Are ten CEOs joking? What can such a statement of a CEO be in such a sensitive matter? This answer only suggests that Eric does not have an answer. You read yourself and tell us whether this answer in itself does not tell that they have no answer on this question.

Julian Bassan, journalist of the French newspaper ‘La Mon’, has tweeted and revealed this lack of his statement. Bassan has also quipped on this answer that Anil Ambani’s company got a chance because it is better to start from zero. On this also, the CEO should tell you how many such companies have been made offset partners who do not have experience. Is Anil Ambani just lacking in companies inexperienced in defense matters or are there more partners who make wedding marriage plates and have also been given the opportunity to make parts of the fighter plane.

On April 15, 2015, a Rafale deal is signed between Prime Minister Modi and former President Francois Hollande in Paris. Twenty days before this, there is a video of this same CEO in Paris on 25 March. While they are happily declaring the old deal announced and the Chief of Air Force is sitting in front of them, the chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is sitting. They also mention both in their talk.

In this video of March 25, Eric says, “After a lot of hard work and brilliant discussions, you can imagine my satisfaction. When the Chief of the Indian Air Force says that he wants a fighter aircraft like Rafale. On the other hand, the Chairman of HAL would say We are ready to share our responsibilities. I agree that the work of completing the contract and signing will be done soon. ”

Analyzing The Statement

Twenty days after this statement, when the agreement is signed on April 15, 2015, HAL is out of the deal. Of ten

If this is the statement of the same CEO, then he should have told him that with whom he was saying on March 25 that HAL is ready. Why does ANI’s Smita Prakash not tell Prakash on November 13, 2018 when HAL was pulled out of the deal.

CEO Eric Trappié says, “As a supplier we were trying a lot for this deal. In 2012 we were the winners. So we wanted this deal. 126 was the deal for the aircraft. So we were working on that deal. Been with. As I said with HAL and Indian Air Force. It is right that I said so. I agree that the Government of India has said that the deal of 126 aircraft is very long and difficult. That is why deal of 36 aircraft Are. Fr. This Government will supply. That was in 2015. ”

Read yourself and listen to the full interview in English. Explain whether CEO Eric Trappié has given any response to the exit of HAL. Have they not left? The question is, how did the old offset partner get out and how did the new one come out, then you should also evaluate the CEO’s answer to this important question. Their answers clear doubts or become deeper.

You must have read the news of the CEO’s statement in many newspapers, especially in Hindi newspapers- “I am telling the truth. We do not lie. Our company is clean. ”Did you get information there that in 1998, the former director of this company was sentenced to 18 months. He was arrested on charges of feeding money to Belgian leaders to get contracts.

The CEO of this company is openly saying that compared to the UPA deal, the aircraft has been given at 9 percent cheaper rates. Isn’t it kind of telling the price? Then why in the court does the government say that you cannot tell the price without asking France. So by asking whom the CEO is giving the idea of ​​the rate to the whole world. Has the Indian government granted permission?


Brahminical Patriarchate: Equality and Freedom are Virtual Jooms for the Virtual World

Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was on a tour of India. During this, she had an informal meeting with some women activists and journalists in Delhi along with her colleague in India and Twitter’s Legal-Public Policy, Trust and Safety head Vijaya Gadde. The women with whom he met were journalists Barkha Dutt, Ana Vettikad, besides activists Neelanjana Roy, Rituparna Chatterjee and Sanghpali Aruna. The purpose of this meeting was to be two-fours from the experience of these women, which takes place when they use a platform like Twitter and speak there, protest against others. This, of course, included trolling, bashing and harassment on Twitter.

Since abusive and manipulative online digital platforms have not yet been accepted into the category of sexual harassment, and are believed to be virtual, the women involved in this meeting have engaged in abusive behavior, Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gudd experienced virtual sexual violence with them and repeated racist comments on them, abusive, rape-like experiences Shared with

Rise Of The Anger

During this meeting, a Dalit worker told Dorsey how he had to face caste-based insults day and night. Due to this, so many people have left this platform and left. That Dalit woman activist further said that “One of the major reasons for this is that there is no provision for reporting caste-based abuses (ie caste-based slur) or violence in the Twitter reporting list.” Jack Dorsey and his team acknowledged the problem and noted it.

At the end of the program, a group photo was taken, where the Dalit women activist gave a poster with a big letter in it that read ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’, that is, destroy the Brahminical patriarchy. Went to be photographed in his hand and it was his own choice and did not stop anyone from sharing this picture on social media Gaya, in fact, all the participants were mailed by a Twitter staff and encouraged to share it, because the meeting was definitely informal but the picture was not private at all.

However, immediately after this picture came on Twitter, some groups attacked Twitter in an organized manner. He was accused on this social media site of being prejudicial to the Brahmin community, defaming him and adopting a biased attitude towards him. And as it happens, Twitter and its CEO, who were all around the target, immediately gave their Indian Brahmin users sitting in India and all over the world, one after the other, without delay.

According to Twitter, ‘It was a private photo, the poster was gifted, the views on the poster are not of Jack or Twitter, we wanted to know the opinion of the users of every category, we made a mistake, we should have been careful, we While apologizing to all our users living in India, they give them the assurance of better service.

But despite all this, this dispute is not taking the name of stopping and now other sections of the society have also jumped into it. In such a situation, it is important to know that the two words written in that poster were ‘Brahminical Patriarchy’ which is such ammo used in the Brahminical patriarchy, in which a poster exploded. Is it a pent-up anger or hatred of people towards a particular caste, or an indicator of any socio-religious mindset. Is what was written on that poster an attempt to intrigue the current political-social scenario?

It is also necessary to mention here that the poster that created this ruckus was created two years ago by Artist Tenmouli Sundararajan, and she says, “This poster has been present on social media for two years, but the controversy occurred when Jack Dorsey Took this photo in his hands, because people are afraid that this reality of Indian society will not be exposed to the world. ”

So, the truth which has exposed a large section of the country due to its unfolding or which is being exposed by Tenmouli, is that what?

A research article published in the Economic and Political Weekly, a prestigious research journal on economic, social and political topics, in the year 1993, ‘Women Conceptualizing Brahminical Patriarchy in Early India – Gender, Cast, Class and State’, author and author of women’s subjects, writes Uma Chakraborty , “When it comes to the subordination or domination of women in India, the weapon called Dharma to implement it Security is used, which is getting further social acceptance.

In the same way, in Indian society, the upper, backward and lower caste people are divided into the category of powerful and weak through social stratification i.e. social isolation or division. So mainly the rules of Indian society, which are mainly practiced by the Brahmin thinkers, maintain their dominance with the help of two sticks. The first is caste-based classification and the second gender, ie gender classification and sometimes they are very closely interwoven. ”

In simple terms, Petriarchy advocates the physical, economic, sexual, sexual and mental domination of men over women. In this, at every turn of life, a man is dominated by a woman. Father and brother from childhood until marriage and later husband and son. But, Uma Chakraborty takes this discussion further, saying, “The practice of controlling the sexuality of women in the upper castes with the intention of maintaining the purity of race or caste is called Brahminical Patriarchy.” This was an important step taken to advance the dominance of Brahmins in the fabric of the society from generation to generation. Our religious books and history bear witness that whether Manusmriti or post-Vedic Indian religious literature, the person writing it was often a vigorous man who came from the Brahmin community, and who laid the foundation of the Brahminical patriarchy, under which There was talk of controlling women in the same way as Dalits and weaker sections. ”

However, patriarchy is an idea which exists in different forms in every society of the world and due to its existence it can also be different. In European countries it is found in the form of race and racial thinking. It stretched from ancient Mesopotamia to Ceylon and Malabar. In such a situation, to say that opposing Brahminical patriarchy is to oppose a whole community or community, it is a bit too much and a little ignorance.

Direct Attack On The Values

Therefore, the way Twitter has handled this entire issue in a hurry is not only unnecessary but also funny. This not only reduces the seriousness of the dialogues on platforms like Twitter but also raises deep questions. Because, in the time and society in which we live, Petriarchy and Brahminical Petriarchy is a term associated with mainstream debate. Other social media platforms, including Twitter, have played an important role in making this common. The dominance of upper castes can be easily identified in the dialogues on these forums. In such a situation, when someone says, ‘Smash Brahminical Petriarchy’, then he attacks not on Brahmins but an idea generated and nurtured by Brahmins. On the idea that has contributed significantly in normalizing a non-equal system in Indian society.

For example, being educated, I cannot reduce the struggles of any illiterate or Dalit woman or less educated than my mother or grandmother. In the same way, the struggle of a woman born in a Brahmin clan can be very large, but she cannot prove or despise the struggles of a Dalit woman, because she suffers the double whammy of the name of caste and female hatred.

Since Jack Dorsey is a foreigner, he is probably not aware of these deep internal faultlines of our country and it is probably with a very superficial understanding. So we can give him a benefit of duty, but Vijaya Gade is an Indian and it is very difficult to believe that he is not aware of these things. So, this whole incident from Twitter, taking this issue very lightly, wrongly handles