Kisan Mukti March: The first evening saw the eyes

It is six in the evening. Thousands of farmers from all over the country are gathering in Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. Today is 29 November and is the first evening of the two-day ‘Kisan Mukti March’.

The ‘Kisan Mukti March’ has been called by the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee. It is a platform of more than two hundred farmers’ organizations across the country, which was established about one and a half years ago. The Kisan Mukti March has been organized mainly with two demands. One, all the debts of farmers should be forgiven in one stroke by bringing a law in Parliament and second, according to the report of the Swaminathan Commission, farmers should be given a minimum support price of one and a half times their cost. Due to these demands, farmers from all over the country have gathered in Delhi. This morning, these farmers have reached Ramlila Maidan only after walking from different corners of Delhi.

Cultural programs have started on the stage of Ramlila Maidan with the darkness deepening. On a permanent platform above, there are big speakers, on which the entire ground is resonating with the songs playing. A temporary platform has been built just below the permanent platform. On this platform, all the people are giving their presentations one by one, who have reached here in support of the farmers. Among them are students of many colleges, and many theater-related artists. Youths belonging to Asmita Theater Group are also staging a street play here. Late Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda also reached Ramlila Maidan to encourage the farmers. There he gave a brief speech among the farmers.

One Evening Farmer

This evening has been named – ‘One evening farmers’. Many singers and artists have also been called for this, who are giving their performance one by one. This atmosphere of Ramlila Maidan is like a celebration. Today, the Ramlila Maidan looks exactly the same as the atmosphere in a big fair held in a small city. Colorful flags / posters / banners are all-round, pandals are set up everywhere, there are tea stalls somewhere, books are being sold and caps, mufflers etc. The farmers who had entered the Ramlila Maidan shouting slogans, are now divided into small groups and engaged in different works. Some farmers are busy watching cultural programs sitting near the stage, some are lying down under the pandals, some are preparing to put their beds to spend the night, some are playing cards while sitting, some are playing Farmers from other states are talking to colleagues and some are looking for dinner.

In the midst of this crowd like the fair, farmer Pawan Kumar from Patna met sitting alone. His bag is placed in front of him and a polythene on top of it. There are some littis in it, who, while leaving from Bihar, were tied and given to them by their wife. After a day’s fatigue, now Pawan Litti is filling his stomach.

Although an anchor has been placed for the farmers in one corner of Ramlila Maidan, but in the midst of this crowd of thousands, Pawan probably did not know of the anchor. This langar has been installed on behalf of Baba Bachan Singh of Bungalow Sahib Gurdwara and hundreds of farmers are eating in this langar.

Nilesh Raman Bhai from Gujarat is also engaged in the line of langar. He has arrived here from Tapi district of Gujarat with his nearly one hundred and fifty colleagues. He explains, “We have not come so far to demand something that the government cannot provide. We are only asking for what the Prime Minister repeatedly promises. Rather they say that we have fulfilled the promise of giving farmers one and a half times the cost. But we did not get that price till date. All we want is to give us the price that the Prime Minister is claiming. ”

Nilesh Bhai explains in detail about his problem, “The price that the government has fixed for paddy is Rs 350 per 20 kg. But we never get more than 230-240 in the market. At most one gets 250 rupees, but not more than that. In such a situation, what should we do about the minimum support price of the government. “He further says,” The situation is the same with peanuts. The government says that a minimum of one thousand rupees per twenty kg will be given but we cannot get above seven-eight hundred. We just want the government to implement the promises it has made. ”

The demand that Nilesh Bhai has come to Delhi from Gujarat, is exactly the demand on which the organizers of Kisan Mukti March are also most stressed. But it is not that all the farmers who have reached Delhi have come here only because of this demand. Farmers from every region have their own problems and want them to be heard and the government should overcome their problems.

The problem of Hanumanth Bhoy, a farmer from Palghar district of Maharashtra, is that till today he has not got the lease of the land on which he has been farming for generations. He explains, “I cultivate an acre.” But the problem is that forest people say that the land belongs to them. Many times they fall down our standing crops, ruin them. In 2006, it has become law that we get the right to own the land on which we have been farming for decades, but that right has not been given to us till date. ”

Rise Of The Excitement

On the one hand, the noise of ink songs playing in the Ramlila Maidan is filling thousands of farmers with enthusiasm, while there are many farmers who seem very disappointed even in the midst of this noise. Mukhtar Ahmed is one such farmer sitting quietly alone in a corner of the pandal. There is a loan of 60 thousand rupees on Mukhtar who came from Pilibhit, due to which he has received notices from the bank many times. He says, “We have such a situation that there is no money to feed the family.” How do we repay the loan and from where. We do not get the right price for the crop, so nothing comes to us in the name of profit. Apart from farming, we also work as daily wage laborers and then the family goes.

As soon as thousands of farmers are present in Ramlila Maidan, Mukhtar whose shoulders have bowed down to the burden of debt. But they hope that the government will listen to their demands and their future will be better than their present. However, most of these farmers are those who have come to Delhi many times in the past and have come back after compromising with false assurances.

The farmers of Tamil Nadu are also among them who could not fulfill their demands even after staying at Jantar Mantar in Delhi for months. This time they have reached Delhi again and are involved in this demonstration as before. He has also said that if he is not listened to tomorrow or is prevented from marching to Parliament, he will protest nakedly.


Muslim Karsevak who broke Babri on 6 December 1992

Today 26 years of the Babri demolition have been completed. A lot changed during these 26 years. In the country as well as in the lives of those who wrote the script of the Babri demolition. But after the demise of Babri Masjid, the biggest change came in the life of Balbir Singh, who took part in a violent car service on December 6, 1992 as a kar sevak.

Balbir Singh, originally from Panipat district of Haryana, was associated with a Hinduist organization in the early 90s. His age was around 25 years. Balbir, like many other youths around him, jumped into the movement to build a Ram temple in Ayodhya. He told, “We were told and taught that Muslims were invaders. They broke our temple and built their mosques there. Now we have governance in the country, so we have to rectify the mistakes that have happened in history. We have to demolish mosques and build temples. ”

According to Balbir, he is one of the first people who attacked the dome of the Babri Masjid on the day of December 6, 1992 and attacked it first. After the demolition of Babri, when Balbir returned to Panipat with his companions, he was given a grand welcome. People lifted them on the shoulders and honored them by wearing flower garlands. But his family members were unhappy with him. Balbir says, “The family made me realize how big a mistake I have made.” I had committed a crime which I later realized. ”

Declining Health

After realizing his mistake, Balbir was so engrossed in guilt that his health started deteriorating. They say that they did all kinds of efforts to improve their health, but to no avail. After some time he came to know that his partner Yogendra Pal Singh, who was with him in Karseva, has now converted to Islam. Someone also advised Balbir that he should also meet a maulana to repent of his actions.

Balbir says, “I reached Maulana, drowned in shame.” I did not tell them that I had been involved in breaking the Babri, but my facial expressions were telling a lot. After my conversation with Maulana, I made up my mind that I should adopt Islam. I also took a vow to make at least a hundred mosques for the atonement of the sin of committing the demolition of a mosque. ”

After this, Balbir Singh converted to Mohammad Aamir. Now he preaches Islam and in the last 25 years he has made his active contribution in building 91 mosques. He says, “I had said in a passion and zeal to build hundred mosques” to atone for my sins. Allah took pride in that spirit and I got the privilege to build 91 mosques. ”

There are some facts that raise many questions in this case of Balbir Singh becoming Mohammad Amir. The first of these is that along with Balbir Singh, about 27-28 other kar sevaks also allegedly converted to Islam. But when newslaundry tried to contact such people to confirm this, no person other than Mohammad Aamir (Balbir Singh) could be contacted. Even Yogendra Pal Singh, who was a friend of Balbir Singh and had converted to Islam before him, does not get any contact. Mohammad Aamir (Balbir) himself does not even know where he is now.

Secondly, the talk of Balbir Singh and others about adopting Islam has been published on many websites, but most of these websites are such that do the work of propagating Islam. The news of Balbir Singh becoming Mohammed Aamir is found on some mainstream news websites, but the talk of other kar sevaks adopting Islam is seen only on websites related to the promotion of Islam.

Apart from this, Maulana Kalim Siddiqui’s name also comes in many places in this entire context. Kalim Siddiqui hails from a village near Muzaffarnagar and runs an Islamic trust. His name appearing in this context makes this case a bit suspicious because he has been facing allegations of conversion. A case has also been registered against him in this regard.

Many videos of Maulana Kalim Siddiqui are also available on the Internet in which they tell how hundreds of Hindu people converted to Islam after talking to them. Most of his videos are published on a channel called ‘Message TV’. In one such video, he is telling how he started the work of connecting non-Muslim people to Islam. In this video, they say that a little girl in her house once started crying so much that if her maid servant did not become a Muslim and died while being a Hindu, she would burn in hell. He further explains in this video that he realized from this that the girl child should work to ‘save people from burning in the fire of hell’ and give a ‘feast’ to Islam to non-Muslim people.

There are many such videos of Maulana Kalim Siddiqui in which he tells how he ever converted a taxi driver to Islam by converting him and his family to Islam and now hundreds of others. Kalim Siddiqui talks about Balbir Singh and other 27-28 kar sevaks in converting to Islam. Balbir also confirms that he made up his mind to adopt Islam only after meeting Maulana Kalim Siddiqui.


Dhanda hai but manda hai: The Telegraph Bihar edition captive concludes

A news was floating in Patna and journalism fines since last week – Bihar edition of English newspaper The Telegraph is going to be closed. On the morning of 14 December, when the hawkers threw bundles of newspapers into the houses, this news came out true. On the left front page of The Telegraph, a large number of information of 11 words was printed – Bihar version of The Telegraph will be closed from 15 December 2018.

Last year, along with Jharkhand, Hindustan Times also announced the closure of its edition in many other states. It included editions of Ranchi, Bhopal, Kolkata and Indore. Apart from this, Hindustan Times also closed its Varanasi and Allahabad bureau.

The readership of The Telegraph in Bihar was not very large, but whatever it was, this news was going to cause disappointment for them. Ashutosh Kumar Pandey, a regular reader and social activist of this newspaper, says, “The newspaper is lying in front of me and now I am worried about what I will read from tomorrow.”

Pandey says, “The Telegraph has had its own credibility. Newspapers should play the role of opposition and Telegraph lives up to this role. As a reader, when I read it, it seems that it is an essential newspaper in the present times. The closure of such a newspaper in this period is like going silent. ”

It is reported that along with the Bihar edition of The Telegraph, the Odisha edition and APB Group’s new novel tabloid ‘A Bella’ printed in Bangla from Kolkata has also been discontinued. ABP Group is the largest media group in Eastern India. It has three news channels and about a dozen newspapers, magazines and tabloids, including Anand Bazaar Patrika (Bangla), The Telegraph. Apart from this, book publishing is also a big business of this group.

The Telegraph had a bureau office in Bihar and the newspaper used to be printed from Kolkata itself. The main reason for the closure of the newspaper from ABP Group’s Kolkata Headquarters is that the Bihar edition has not been reported to be ‘economically profitable’. Deepak Mishra, bureau chief of the Bihar edition of the newspaper, says, “We have been told from the management that the Bihar edition of The Telegraph is not financially profitable. I do not know about the economic aspects of the newspaper, so I will not comment on them. But as far as the news is concerned, we have done a great job. ”

He further said, “We exposed the shortcomings of the Bihar government and also gave appropriate space to the opposition. We also got several revolvers highlighting the shortcomings of the government, but pressure was never put on us from the government. ”

According to the information that came from the headquarters of the staff of the Bihar edition of the newspaper, according to demonetisation and then GST, the business of the newspaper and media was already stuck in a bad crisis. For this reason, ABP Group has had to close the Bihar and Odisha version of The Telegraph.

However, journalists in the Bihar edition of the newspaper do not think so. A journalist associated with The Telegraph, on the condition of anonymity, said that in recent months, the Bihar edition was given a new target of profit. According to the journalist, the newspaper earned Rs 7 crore from the Bihar government last month, after which the new target of Rs 9 crore was given by the management.

There were about 25 people working in The Telegraph’s bureau office in Patna. There were 6-7 reporters in these and the rest were employed in circulation, advertising and other departments. The Telegraph management has assured 6 months salary to all employees.

However, The Telegraph’s entry into Bihar was not very old. It started in 2010. It can be said that this version was attained in its infancy. Initially, there were 9 reporters here, but in later years their number decreased. Another journalist attached to the bureau office said, “There was a shortage of reporters in the bureau office, but still the small team was working with all the hard work and dedication. The Bihar version was not beneficial, it is difficult to believe. ”

However, on behalf of the ABP group, the staff was not told earlier that the newspaper was going to be closed. However, the manner in which the circulation number of the Bihar edition was being cut, there were indications that the circumstances were not favorable.

When the newspaper started from Bihar in 2010, its circulation had reached around 22 thousand in a very short time, which was a good number. But after the demonetisation of November 2016 and then GST, its circulation numbers started to decrease.

Another journalist associated with The Telegraph (Bihar) said that till one and a half years ago there were 22 thousand circulation. Gradually, its number was reduced to 14 thousand and now only 8 to 9 thousand copies were being left in the market. A hawker told that they were given as many copies as they could be sold in the market.

What was the discussion?

Last year itself, the ABP group was also in the discussion about retrenchment of large number of employees. In February last year, 700 employees associated with the group were discharged. Since then, the employees of this place were in danger of losing their jobs. A 16-page newspaper used to come out of Bihar, in which the news of Bihar used to be in 3 to 4 pages.

This decision of ABP Group can also be understood from the advertisement received in the newspaper. Most of the advertisements in the newspaper were centralized, that is, the advertisement which was received in the Kolkata edition of The Telegraph was also printed in the Bihar edition. Means local advertising from Bihar nominal

Was getting From this, it is clear that the newspaper could not build a reliable revenue model in Bihar. Above all, there was also the harsh attitude of the Bihar government, which used to give very little advertisement to this newspaper.

According to information received from Bihar’s information and public relations department, on December 13, a total of 46 advertisements were issued by the department for December 14, but The Telegraph received only 3 advertisements and that too was classified.

Similarly, on December 12, the Bihar government released a total of 86 advertisements (classified, tender and display), which were to be published on December 13. Of these, only one advertisement was received by The Telegraph. The conditions of the advertisements of other days were more or less the same.

In contrast, Hindi newspapers get a lot of advertisement. Perhaps this is the reason why the news related to the flaws of the government is not published prominently in Hindi newspapers. The Muzaffarpur Shelter Home is a witness to the incident reporting. The news related to the entire matter started to be published prominently by the local Hindi newspapers when this news started making headlines at the national level and the local media of Bihar came under the scanner.

Instead of Hindi newspapers, The Telegraph used to get proper place for news. The game of hiding facts has never been shown in this newspaper, so there were dedicated readers of this newspaper. People of Patna say that the newspaper’s attitude towards power was critical from the very beginning. The Telegraph broke many big news, after which the government came into action.

One such report was published in 2011, after which CM Nitish Kumar took all DM’s classes. In fact, the Nitish government had directed all the districts to DM to set up a regular court and be present and listen to the grievances of the people. Ignoring this order, DM used to send his subordinate officers. The Telegraph had published a detailed report on this, after which Nitish Sarkar again issued a written order.

Similarly, The Telegraph published a news report on the murder of Municipal Police Superintendent KC Surendra Babu in Bhim Dam Sanctuary on 5 February 2005. After this news, the murder case was re-investigated. On 5 February 2005, while passing through the Bhim Dam Sanctuary, there was an explosion in a landmine, in which the SP was killed.

In this case, the police arrested three people.

After a legal process that lasted for five years, in 2010, the three were acquitted by the court from all charges, termed innocent. A few days later there was a news report in The Telegraph stating that there was a lapse in police investigation and there is enough evidence in the case on the basis of which the blame can be proved.

The case was reopened after this news was published. The then IG (Bhagalpur range) AK Ambassador was entrusted with the investigation on behalf of the police headquarters.

Nalin Verma, who was part of the team that started The Telegraph from Bihar, says, “The closure of any newspaper is a sad incident.” Newspaper is very important for democracy. Newspaper is the voice of common people. The closure of the newspaper is the end of one platform of Awam. ”Nalim Verma is currently teaching in a university in Punjab.

Neeraj Gupta, a resident of Kahalgaon in Bhagalpur, is one of the murid readers of The Telegraph. He says, “I don’t know what I’ll read now.” The Telegraph used to have quality news compared to Hindi newspapers. It is a matter of the fact that the number of news was less, but whatever was the news, there was novelty in it. ”

At a time when a large part of the media has become a courtier, or is eager to be formed, then it is very important for those newspapers to be alive, which should give a true picture of the country, state, society and governance.

Mumbai hospital fire and 10 deaths, both could be postponed

“This incident had to happen tomorrow, if not today. Even the hospital administration knew this, but still no one showed seriousness. We had filed a complaint several times and told that a big accident can happen here anytime. It is good that the fire started after the closure of OPD. If the same fire had happened two-and-a-half hours earlier, hundreds of people would have died. “This employee of ESIC Hospital in Mumbai further says,” This is neither the first incident nor the last fire in this hospital. In the same year, the hospital was set on fire several times, but still no action was taken by the administration. ”

Last week, ten people died due to fire in Mumbai’s ‘Employees State Insurance Corporation’ ie ESIC Hospital. Hundreds of people have also been seriously injured in this accident, who are being treated in different hospitals in Mumbai. According to people present on the spot, this fire occurred during the ongoing construction work on the ground floor. Welding was going on here, with a few sheets of rubber nearby. This horrific accident occurred due to fire in these sheets.

Eyewitnesses of this incident say that this fire was not very severe and the fire did not do as much damage as its smoke did. Since this fire was located near the air-conditioner’s duck, this smoke spread quickly throughout the building and some people died due to suffocation. Apart from this, some people also lost their lives because they jumped from the third floor to avoid the fire.

Where Did It Start?

A hospital employee who was present on the occasion says, “Had the same fire started two hours earlier, the death toll would have been in the hundreds. Because OPD opens during the day and then there is a huge crowd of people here. In such a situation, if there was a panic in the fire at that time, then many people would have lost their lives. By the evening the crowd reduces considerably. Despite this, ten people died in this accident. This has happened entirely due to the negligence of the administration. ”

Many hospital staff tell that the negligence with which this hospital was being run for the last several years, there was a constant scope for such accidents.

An employee working in the hospital’s lab said on the condition of anonymity, “On March 20 this year, there was a fire in the blood bank of the hospital and a man was killed. After this, we had told the administration in writing that some improvement in the hospital needs to be done immediately. There are many irregularities here from staff to security. There is not even an emergency exit in the blood bank and the equipment that is kept here to extinguish the fire has become so old that it is no longer of any use. But instead of heeding these complaints, the administration ignored the incident. ”

A few months after this fire in the blood bank, an incident of fire also occurred in the kitchen of ESIC Hospital. But this accident was also taken so lightly that no measures were taken even after this to avoid emergency.

The situation was that neither fire audit nor fire NOC was taken in the hospital for the past several years. A worker working in this hospital for the last six years says, “Construction work is going on in this hospital before my appointment. This construction is going to be around ten years but it is not completed yet. Due to this construction, there is chaos in the entire hospital. Somewhere construction material remains scattered and at some places basic requirements like toilet and drinking water are also incomplete. Talking to the hospital administration about this, their only answer is that construction work is going on now, so there are problems, soon it will be reduced. But even after ten years, this construction is still incomplete. ”

Swarnav Banerjee, president of ESIC Hospital Employees Union, says, “The accident on Monday was not the fault of the hospital administration but of companies like NBCC and Supreme Construction.” The responsibility of construction work rests with them and the hospital administration has no role in this. This accident happened due to negligence in construction work. ”

He adds, “Wherever construction work has been dumped in the entire hospital. Where welding work is going on, such materials are placed near it which can catch fire only due to light spark. This accident also happened due to such negligence. ”

Response From The Administration

However, many hospital staff do not agree with Swarnav’s words and consider the administration responsible for this incident. One employee says, “Many of these mistakes can happen to these companies, but it is the job of the hospital administration to conduct a fire audit, take NOC, get the power wiring done properly, and maintain the fire extinguishing system. The administration did nothing of these properly. ”

Two days after the horrific incident on Monday, the ESIC Hospital has caught fire once again. Although no one has been injured in this second incident, but it certainly indicates the negligence of the administration. According to the staff, irregularities are also continuously done in the appointments made in the hospital and people who do not have the minimum required qualifications are also appointed on technical posts. Many such appointments have also been challenged in the court and in some cases the court has also canceled these appointments.

An employee working in the Blood Bank of ESIC Hospital says, “Most of the appointments here are such that the eighth pass person has been appointed to technical posts, through promotion. While diploma is necessary for such posts. Such staff is not only unable to deal with emergencies as well as is not able to perform daily technical tasks. ”Newslaundry made several attempts to contact the hospital administration to get answers to these allegations related to irregularities and negligence but There was no response from their side. If the ESIC Hospital Administration puts forward its own allegations in these allegations, it will be included in this report.



The murder of Benazir Bhutto should not remain as a secret

Recently, on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of late Benazir Bhutto, former head of the People’s Party of Pakistan (PPP), his husband and PPP chairman Asif Ali Zardari issued a statement regarding his murder – “We will not end the FIR, whether you For this, how much emphasis should be put on us, and how much try. ”

Harald Munoz, the head of the United Nations commission investigating the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, who was related to Chile, said, “Perhaps no government will be able to find the truth in the tricky riddles of the Benazir assassination case.” , Or would not like to do so. ”

I read the book Getting Away with Murder, based on the memories of the former Chilean ambassador, as the Central Investigation Agency (FIA) under my leadership gave the responsibility of taking over the investigation from the Punjab Police on 6 August 2009 Went. The Special Investigation Group was also asked to constitute a separate investigation team consisting of top officials of various law institutions and intelligence agencies so that the investigation could be expedited and the suspects could be questioned.

I remember that night on October 18, 2007, when I was the IG of Balochistan Police, and I sat in front of the TV watching Mohatrama Benazir Bhutto greet a huge procession in Karachi when he returned to his homeland after 9 years of disengagement. Had been. His convoy was also targeted by the bomb blasts that night, in which 149 people were killed and 402 were injured.

Benazir Sahiba narrowly escaped the attack. After this, he had filed an FIR on his behalf. The police did not register the case that they had requested on October 21, 2007, in which they said, “I was informed by the government that some extremist gangs want to attack me.” After receiving this information, I wrote a letter to the President of Pakistan on October 16, 2007, in which I warned him about the threats to his security and the forces and people whom I suspected would harm me. Want to deliver. ”

The investigation was put on hold until December 27, 2007, even killing them. The case was filed again on October 17, 2008, to complete the case when General Musharraf resigned as president in August this year, and Zardari became president.

In the meantime, the UN mission began the investigation in July 2009, and the then government handed over the responsibility of conducting a separate investigation to the FIA ​​on 6 August 2009. By renaming the investigation intelligence as ‘Operation Trojan Hovers’, the investigation team of the case was informed before the main attack on October 18, between October 19 to December 27, and all the circumstances after 27 December and key documents of the incident, forensic written evidence and The goal of collecting evidence was given.

It was decided to record the earnest of all those who were traveling in the train with Benazir Bhutto. They included Driver Javed, SSP Security Imtiaz Hussain, Makhtum Amin Fahim, Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi and servant Razzaq. MP Safdar Abbasi and his wife Naheed Khan openly claimed that their president had been slaughtered by the “Inspire Bullet and Intelligence Operation”. PPP’s Tarjuman Sheri Rehman claimed that he died of a bullet. It was necessary to investigate these earnest and suspected behavior of Khalid Shahzad. Khalid Shehzad was a security guard who could be seen in TV footage minutes before Benazir’s assassination standing on his stage making suspicious gestures.

We started the investigation and sought help from the then Home Minister Rehman Malik, who was the Chief Security Officer of Benazir Bhutto. I sent him a letter through his trusted staff assistant director FIA on August 12, 2009, and sought answers to the following points:

A copy of a letter written by Benazir Bhutto to General Musharraf on October 16, 2007, which had the names of three suspects.
An imitation of an email written by Benazir Bhutto to Mark Sargil and others, in which he wrote about the threat posed by General Musharraf.
Imitation of the will of Benazir Bhutto.
Imitation of the final agreement to be decided between Benazir Bhutto and General Musharraf.
An imitation of the letter of security between Benazir Bhutto Chief Security Officer Rehman Malik and the Government of Pakistan and Sindh on the matter related to security.
I did not receive any response to my request.

During the interrogation of the five arrested Muljim Etazaz Shah, Hasnain Gul, Muhammad Rafaqat and Rashid Ahmad and other important clues, we decided to arrest the resident of Malakund, Abdul Rahman, of which we were sure that his main in the assassination of Benazir Is a character. But according to the information, the main character was killed in May 2010 in the first drone attack in Khyber Agency or in a Pakistani Air Force bombing.

Another suspected person, who was the number three in Al Qaeda and who managed the finances for the organization and was the mastermind of the operation, was Mustafa Abu Yazid alias Sheikh Saeed Al-Egyptian. He is said to have confessed responsibility for the assassination of Benazir, stating, “A person close to America and who intended to defeat the Mujahideen has been slaughtered.” According to the information, he died in North Waziristan on May 22, He was killed in a 2010 CIA drone attack.


Savitribai Phule: Today is the birthday of the women of India

Do you know? She used to take two saris. On the way some people used to throw cow dung on them. Brahmins who threw cow dung believed that Shudra and Atishudras do not have the right to read. The saris that came out of the house were filled with foul smell. She used to wear another sari after reaching school. Then she started teaching girls.

What Was The Matter?

This incident took place around January 1, 1848. On this day, Savitri Bai Phule opened a school for girls in Bhidewadi, Pune city. Today is his birthday. On this day, all women and men of India should apply the same vaccine in their honor. Because this woman has freed not only women but also men from their inertia and stupidity.

According to different claims in Kerala on January 2 this year, thirty to five million women were standing on a wall on a six hundred km route. In 1848, Savitri Bai alone stood as a wall for crores of women. The foundation of this wall of Kerala was laid by Savitri Bai alone. Meeting her husband Jyetiba Phule and Sagunabai.

Go through his biography, you will be filled with pride. Savitri Bai’s picture should be in every school whether it is government or private. There has not been such a woman in the history of the world. The Brahminism that threw cow dung at her, threatened her father so much by reading her husband Jyoti Ba that the father drove the son out of the house. That Savitri Bai saved the life of a Brahmin when a woman became pregnant with him. The people of the village wanted to kill both. Savitri Bai reached and saved both.

Savitri Bai did not open the first school, did not become the first teacher, but women in India will no longer look like they have looked. Its first living wake became the original charter. He gave birth to the dead and killed women of India again. The men thief society used to leave the widows of Pune pregnant and leave for suicide. There is hardly a precedent in the world of what Savitri Bai has done for such pregnant widows.

“In 1892, as Mahila Seva Mandal, she created the first women’s organization in the country for the economic development of widow women of Pune. Every 15 days in this organization, Savitribai herself would discuss with all the poor Dalit and widow women, listen to their problems and also suggest a solution to overcome it. “I have taken this part from Sujata Paramita’s article in Forward Press. Sujatha has written Savitribai Phule’s biography in detail. If you are a teacher and listen to it then read it in the class room.

Read this part aloud: “The Phule couple set up a child murderer in 28 January 1853 in the house of their neighbor friend and movement partner Usman Sheikh.” Whose responsibility was handled by Savitribai. All the destitute pregnant women were taken care of by involving them without any question, they were raised and raised, for which the cradle house was also built. This problem was so severe that it can be gauged from the fact that within just 4 years more than 100 widowed women gave birth to children in this house. ”

Savitribai and her husband Jyotiba put such a solid foundation of the feminist thinking that is constantly evolving and articulating in the world. Both did not go to Oxford. Rather, identify and oppose the evil practices. I have not written anything new. Only presented what was written. Rather short written. That is why it is written that we do not remember Savitribai Phule just for postage stamps. If you remember then, how poor and ruthless the society at that time was. In that superstitious society, there was also a logical and compassionate woman whose name was Savitri Bai Phule.

News will be broadcast on private FM channels, but it is immense

On Tuesday, January 8, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore announced a new plan to share news between All India Radio and private FM channels — first sought by private FM channels in 1936. Till now only the national broadcaster of the country, AIR, had the right to broadcast news on radio.

Rathore, in the presence of top officials of Akashvani and Prasar Bharati, announced in an event organized at the National Media Center in Delhi that Akashvani will now share its news content with private FM channels. Under this, All India Radio’s news services department will allow private FM channels to present their English and Hindi news bulletins “without tampering” and “with certain terms and conditions”. This decision will now run as a trial under which private FM channels have been empowered to broadcast news content of All India Radio free of charge till May 31, 2019. After this once again, it will be considered to carry it forward.

Impact Of The Policy

Since independence, private FM channels have not been allowed to present their own news, even the news bulletins of All India Radio. This was a policy implemented by various governments. With unlimited access to radio, such a monopoly ensures government control over the dissemination of radio news.

The point to note is that even though the government may have given permission to share the news, private FM channels still cannot present their own prepared news. According to this announcement, they have only been allowed to replug the news bulletin of All India Radio. Also, private FM channels have to keep in mind that every bulletin is broadcast within 30 minutes of airing on AIR.

Re-broadcasting news content of Prasar Bharati on private FM channels is being seen as a new type of problem. The media and experts associated with its study are of the opinion that the national broadcaster is seen as a supporter of the government, it is just a means of propagating the policies of the government. Some people even say that since independence, AIR has been the mouthpiece of the ruling government. While private news institutions can also review and criticize government policies.

Another important point is the timeframe to implement this system. Is this a tactical and clever move in the Modi government’s election year under which it wants to convey its message through private FM channels to the voters who listen to FM Challan? Its deadline has been set till May 31, 2019. This date itself is important. At the end of May, a new government would have been formed in the country. Apparently, during this time, the same policies of the Modi government will reach the listeners of FM channels, which till now only reached the listeners of All India Radio.

Rajyavardhan Rathore said, “This (partnership) will empower every citizen. After all, the most important thing is that citizens should be fully aware and informed in the democratic system. ”He said that both sides had been demanding to broadcast AIR news on private FM channels. This ultimately resulted in the foresight and perseverance of Akashvani and Prasar Bharati.

The minister said, “The first priority of Prasar Bharati is to create awareness. Revenue is the second priority. For now, we are providing it free of cost so that there is no delay and the citizens of the country can be reached through news. “Rathore also said that this partnership was called” my team vs. your team ” And the coming together of private FM channels and All India Radio is “very important for our democratic system of tomorrow”.

After saying and hearing everything, the terms and conditions of this partnership raise some questions. First of all, private FM channels will be able to share news of AIR on free and trial basis only till May 31. Till the date when the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and related activities will end. Is this date intentionally selected?

Terms and Conditions

Apart from this, there are some terms and conditions for sharing news. During the trial period, private FM broadcasters may “avoid broadcasting news in disturbed / border and naxal areas.” Apart from this, private FM channels wishing to broadcast news bulletins of All India Radio must first register themselves on the website of All India Radio’s news services department. News bulletins of All India Radio will have to be broadcast “without tampering” and even advertisements during the news bulletins must be broadcast as they are.

Private FM broadcasters will have to give due credit to All India Radio for sourcing their news and its news bulletins must either be broadcast live with All India Radio or broadcast within 30 minutes.

All India Radio reported, “In case of delayed live, it has to be told in advance that it is delayed live.” “AIR news can be broadcast by any FM radio channel only after accepting the terms and conditions.”

Private FM channels will also have to submit a monthly report by the fifth of every month, detailing the total number of broadcasts of a particular news bulletin. If any of these terms and conditions are violated, “appropriate action will be taken.”

Anura, President of Association of Radio Operators of India


Pandya and Rahul became victims of big game in sports

All-rounder Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, two players of the Indian cricket team, have had to return to India from Australia during the middle tour. This happened for the second time in India’s 82-year cricket history, when a player from a foreign tour was disciplined and sent back from a middle tour. Earlier this happened to cricketer Lala Amarnath, who was sent back from a mid-tour in 1936 because of a British India cricket team arguing with Raja Vijji of the then captain Vizianagaram.

Hardik Pandya and Lokesh Rahul were dropped from the first ODI against Australia on Saturday. Committee of Administrators (COA) member Diana Edulji had recommended a ‘suspension till further action’ against Pandya and Rahul, which has been accepted. However, he has also said that the final decision against both will be taken only after the advice of the Legal Counsel. Both have been accused of blaming the reputation of Indian cricket, defaming it and tarnishing the image of cricketers.

In the famous filmmaker-director Karan Johar’s TV show ‘Koffee with Karan’, KL Rahul and Pandya had some so-called sensational confessions about women, moments with them, what they think about them and their sex life. .

What Went Wrong?

This show of Karan Johar is known only for presenting information related to celebrities’ personal life, by making it spicy. In this somewhere, Karan Johar being an A-lister in the industry, it is very important to be the most successful film producer and director. There is such a perception in the film industry that if an artist comes to Karan’s show as a guest, he not only becomes a part of that A-list class but also opens his luck.

Among all the concerns of the BCCI, there is a fear that the kind of revelations that Pandya and Rahul have made in Karan’s show – they can very easily hit the target of match-fixing mafia and the ‘Honey Trap’ set by them Can get stuck in ‘.

Cricketers in India are more or less similar to film stars and their fan following is also in large numbers. Obviously, there is a good fan following of Hardik and Rahul. In Karan’s show, in the impulse of conversation, Hardik forgot that it is one thing to have unpopular thinking on any subject and it is another thing to show that thinking. The way he tried to present his sex life in a colorful way, in that he knowingly and unknowingly insulted the woman, her dignity and her body.

When Hardik tells an arrogant aerogens that the cheerleaders (girls working in the IPL) are not attracted to them, they try to categorize the girls who act cheerleading. Whereas – the cheerleaders girls are also doing their work there. If they try to degrade them, then the question arises – Is the entire IPL cricket administration’s stand on the cheerleaders?

Pandya’s second mistake is that he considers himself to have a little ‘black’ gene on the basis of his skin color and nan-nash, ie Caribbean or West Indian. We all know that whether Black American or Caribbean, their gesture, lifestyle and behavior is different from Asian or British players. Chris Gayle is an example of this, who often makes headlines outside the cricket field due to his antics. However, till date his cricket board has also not supported his controversial activities outside the field. This thing of Pandya came out as a racist comment, as if I am black, it is normal for me to behave like this.

During the show, in the impulse of conversation, he also included his parents in his thoughts, do not know how much truth and imagination was involved in it. According to Pandya, his parents almost agree with this behavior – because he is a big cricketer.

Will They Return?

The conclusion is that if you are successful, your parents will also support your legitimate and illegal antics. The problem here is private and public. Cricketers like Pandya, who are considered role models by thousands and millions of children in our country, got two wrong messages to make private life a public display. The first is that if you are successful, you can use any kind of objectionable opinion and language towards women. Second is that when you do this, your family, friends, relationships, society all accept it. Hardik Pandya had some privileges as a successful cricketer. They are aware of those rights, but they do not know how to use those rights, what precautions are to be taken for them, what are the minimum qualifications to use those rights.

They have to bear the brunt of this too. It has started with his team only. Captain Virat Kohli has also refused to support both players. Former cricketer Harbhajan Singh even went so far as to say that he could not travel with his wife-daughter in a bus that would have Pandya and Rahul.

Its commercial impact is also visible. Companies like Gillette and Puma have announced to end their contracts with these two players. Both companies have made it clear that they do not support such thinking as a brand.

There are those who believe that in this case Pandya has been made a goat of sacrifice.

DPS Noida: Freedom Fight, Sage-Munis Contribution and Fake Hat

Prestigious Delhi Public School located in Sector 132, Noida. There was a three-day Annual Day (annual festival) program here last week, which was the Republic Day. In this, around 800 children of the school participated in different programs during 3 days. Children as well as their families were invited to these programs.

The event was organized on the theme of Republic Day and ‘Unity in Diversity’. A play was staged in this event. During that stage, something like this was shown which caused uneasiness among the Muslim students and their parents who arrived here.

During the play itself, a Muslim student studying in school (name and class cannot be told) asked her father, “You also wear a hat. Are hat-wearers wrong? ”This question also made the father uncomfortable.

One Lingering Question

In fact, the school children were doing a play on the subject ‘How did the country get independence’. In one scene of the play, some sage-monks were sitting and worshiping. While the sage-monk was worshiping, only then a boy got up and gave the sage munis wearing a forged Muslim hat. Jagged hats are worn by the Muslim community during worship or namaz. Apparently whoever wrote the play chose a stereotype, inadvertently depicting India as a country of sages and saints, and as an invader to Muslims who forced the people to forcibly convert.

Irshad (name changed), who arrived at the event with his daughter, says, “The program was very good. Small children were performing. Then a drama was shown that India is a country of sages and sages. The sage Muni is absorbed in meditation, but only then some attackers come and start killing him. During this time, an attacker gives the sages a gauze cap. I found it very strange. I also sometimes wear a mesh cap for namaz. Tomorrow if my daughter asks if Papa is also an attacker, what will I answer? ”

Irshad further says that such plays send the wrong message to children. And this is also wrong from the perspective of history. When the Mughals came to India, they defeated the Raje-princely states and gained power. At that time, the condition of sages and monks was not special, in the state. Nor did the Mughals clash with the common people. Obviously, this is also deceit with history.

DPS, located in Noida Sector 132, is close to Shaheen Bagh, Batla House and Jamia Nagar, a Muslim dominated area of ​​Delhi, so children of Muslim community come here to study in large numbers.

Anwar Khan (name changed), who arrived at the program with his son, says that children are not given religious education in our house. We tell the children their religion as Hindustan, but when this scene came out during the program, it felt very strange. While watching the play, a woman sitting next to me who was sitting with her child started saying, “They are making sages and Muslims Muslims.” That is, this kind of distortion affects people.

Anwar Khan further says, this drama can have a negative effect on children. Even if that child did not wear a netted hat during the play, the meaning of the play would have reached the people. What happened in history Who are we bothering, why are we spoiling our today and tomorrow.

In this issue, Newslaundry tried to talk to the principal of DPS but the school administration told that they are on long leave. In the absence of the principal, Bhavna Khanna, who was watching his work, talked about newslaundry. He said, “Here in the drama we showed how Hindustan got independence. Through the play, we tried to tell how Khilji first attacked the country, then the Mughals came and then the British made us their slaves and how we got freedom from them. ”

On the question of wearing a reticulated hat, Bhavna Khanna says that the scene was used to show forced conversions in the country during the rule of the Khilji and the Mughals. We were not showing anything with our mind. We have tried to show only those who are in history so that the youth of today can know how much freedom has been achieved after many difficulties.

Analyzing The Past

Garbage understanding of history being given to children

One aspect of what Bhavna Khanna is saying is that DPS is a modern, secular values-based educational institution. Showing six to seven hundred years old in the present context can not be called sensible from anywhere, especially among children who do not yet understand history or who study in first to fifth grade.

Social thinker Abhay Kumar Dubey says on this matter, “The hatred of Muslims in the society is constantly being spread. As shown in DPS, the real purpose of showing things in that way is more to criticize the Mughal rulers than to create negative sentiments towards the people who have Muslim population in the country. Whether or not anyone wore a forged cap in the time of the Mughals.

Regarding the impact of such programs on children, Abhay Kumar Dubey says that it will have a very bad effect on children. It will have a different impact on Hindu children and different on Muslim children. Friendship between children will be bad. In this way the poison of communalism will be sown in the minds of children.


Good days blog writer finance minister

The Modi government, which started with the suit-boot government, has become a government of big people after five years. Jaitleyji is getting thin in the concern of big people. The judges’ chair remained vacant for months, but their government continued to fight for its ego. Common people kept wandering for justice. Reputation kept getting dust in the mud. Then the blog minister cum finance minister of India did not take care. He is not in a position to make a budget at this time, but is writing a blog for big people.

CBI has a cell. Banking and Security Fraud Cell (BSFC). Sudhanshu Dhar Mishra was the SP of this cell. On January 22, Sudhanshu filed an FIR against Chanda Kochhar, her husband Deepak Kochhar and Videocon’s VN Dhoot in the bank fraud case. On 23 January, he was transferred to the Economic Offenses Wing of Ranchi.

The explanation given by the CBI after the news of the Indian Express is even more serious. The agency says that the information related to the search was leaked so they were transferred. amazing. If this happened, then who has benefited from that information, to whom the information was leaked. Now that SP has been accused. If the CBI SP leaks secret information, then should only the transfer action take place? Whose eyes are the games being played? In whose eyes is the transfer game being played? The CBI says that investigations are being conducted against him but could not answer that with whose permission did SP Mishra register an FIR?

The BRICS Summit

Two days after the transfer of SP Mishra, i.e. on January 25, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley writes a blog in defense of the accused in the FIR. Criticizes the CBI. It is said that it is the thrill of the investigation that reaches nowhere. In this way, the person’s reputation is lost by suing the case. Their time and money is wasted. Chanda Kochhar and her husband are not named among the accused. Zarin Daruwala, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, Rajeev Sabarwal, head of Tata Capital, Songjoy Chatterjee, chairman of Goldman Shash India, and KV Kamath, considered don of the banking sector.

The day Jaitleyji wrote the blog, another news came on the same day. 111 lawsuits were filed against the Delhi Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and 33 MLAs, 64 of them have been rejected. Try Jaitleyji’s blog by applying them. Wasn’t their time, money wasted? His reputation is not ruined? Will Jaitley not know then what all this is happening, at whose behest? Why legislators and a government are being prevented from working in the case of politics by making fake and unnecessary cases?

On March 29, 2018, Indian Express reported that Videocon owner VN Dhoot deposited crores of rupees in the company of Deepak Kochhar, husband of Chanda Kochhar of ICICI Bank. Six months after that, Dhoot gets a loan of 3,250 crore from the bank, following the rules. Videocon does not pay nearly Rs 2,810 crore of this borrowing. In response, the bank declares this money as NPA in 2017, that is, the money of the bank which has sunk. In this case, the name of KV Kamath is also added, which is India’s representative in the BRICS. Radiant Tiwari and Manoj CG of Indian Express reported this on 27 January. Do you know that in other cases of NPA, big people are being saved?

See the news of Seema Chishti in today’s Indian Express. There has been an attempt to transfer Justice S. Muralidhar, who gave a bold verdict in the matter of communal violence and personal liberty, which has been stopped for the time being. This was discussed twice in the Supreme Court’s Coliseum, but due to some members of the Coliseum, they have been transferred. Sources have told all this to Seema Chishti. The transfer of High Court Justice S Muralidhar was discussed twice in December and January, but the transfer stopped due to Justice Lokur and Justice Sikri.

Justice Muralidhar granted relief to Gautam Navlakha, arrested for alleged Maoist links. In 1986, he also gave a decision in the Hashimpura murder case near Meerut. Justice Muralidhar was also involved in the bench which sentenced Sajjan Kumar. Last year, Justice Muralidhar was criticized by the Reserve Bank’s independent director and association S S Gurumurthy. Justice Muralidhar started the process of contempt against Gurumurthy. The matter was heard in the chamber on 11 December. After that, Justice Muralidhar’s transfer was the first attempt.

There is a news in today’s telegraph. Lok Janshakti Party leader Pashupati Kumar Paras told the media that there will be an NDA rally in Bihar on March 3 as the Election Commission will impose a code of conduct between March 6 and 10. When the Election Commission will do what, the government’s allies are also aware. Do you feel all right?

The CBI SP is being transferred after taking the names of big people, the finance minister sits down to write a blog for them. So by starting a case against a person associated with the Sangh, there is an attempt to transfer the High Court judge. Still you say that nothing good is happening in India.

Isn’t it good that all the institutions are being destroyed for the convenience of the government? Your elected government is enjoying the way it wants to be. These are good days That is why you neither understand satire nor facts. What can be more positive news for a government? Everything is being ruined before the eyes and you are saying that India