Champaran: Communal violence in Gandhi’s work place

The gap between Hindu-Muslim communities is increasing in Dhaka Town of Champaran district of Bihar, famous for Gandhi’s ‘Satyagraha’. On the occasion of Muharram on Sunday, there were several clashes between the two communities. Hindutva fanatics pelted stones on a fresh procession and in the evening of the same day some people attacked Muslim passers-by with deadly weapons like sticks and swords. More than 7 people have been injured in this attack.

According to locals, people of the majority community pelted stones near the Brahmasthan on the Tajiya procession coming from the village of Bisarahia on Sunday. At about 6 o’clock in the evening of the same day, near the Jhawwa Chowk, 2 km away from the Dhaka police station area, Muslim passers-by were stopped and beaten up.

The head of one of the victims is torn, one person’s finger is amputated. Many people have also suffered fatal injuries on their bodies.

Nausheen, one of the injured, said, “The attackers must have been in the number of 200. They forcibly called us ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and attacked them with sticks and heavy weapons. ”

Evidently, the prima facie Hindutva forces are behind this attack. Victims say that the attackers also snatched away their mobile and money. “They took away my 12000 rupees and sabotaged my motor cycle too,” Nausheen said.

Mamu Aslam of the victim Nausheen said, “There are four injured in Patna’s Rainbow Hospital while two are admitted in Rahmania Hospital in Motihari city.”

After this sudden violence, sensation spread throughout the region. Shops and markets in Dhaka remained closed on the next day in Alam Tafri.

On Monday night, near the Brahmasthan in Dhaka, where a stone had broken a day earlier, miscreants broke into a Muslim shop and broke into it. According to a report by Urdu daily Inquilab, the miscreants surrounded the house of 500-600 shop owner Shakeel Ahmed and started threatening him by saying “get out, tell you”.

After getting the news of this, the police team reached there and somehow managed to control the situation. However, local JDU MLC Khalid Anwar has denied this sentence.

Local doctor Mohammad Akhlaq told that the market opened on Tuesday. Things are normal at the moment. Due to violence, people are leaving less.

Kavadis led to Muharram two days later

Every year in the month of Sawan, Kavadiyas (in local language they are called Bol Bombs) pass water through Dhaka to the Sameshwarnath Mahadev Temple at Areraj. Among them, a group is the one who takes water from Betwaghat on a single day and dedicates water to the Mahadev temple of ‘Areraj’, 80 km away. This is called post bomb. Usually on that day the streets are very crowded and security is tightened.

This time, on September 21, Muharram was also there and the postal bomb was also to be known. In view of this, a meeting was convened at Dhaka police station calling the representatives of both the communities. During the meeting, pressure was put on the Muslim delegates to remove Tazia on the 23rd, not on that day (on 21 September), ”said Imam Nazrul Mubin of Jama Masjid who attended the meeting.

According to Imam Mubin, after that meeting, after consulting the Muslims, they decided to take out Tazia on the 23rd i.e. Sunday and informed the local police station about this decision. It was tried in such a way that the Tajiya does not clash with the Kanvadis. Despite this, the Hindu procession attacked the Tajiya procession.

Local doctors refer to communal tension in the Akhlaq region, “This time the ‘Mahavir flag’ (which was celebrated one and a half months ago) was the first time they (majority community) came out with a sword. In view of this, the Muslims had closed their shops. ”This was done to avoid the possibility of any kind of dispute.

Police attitude

The police tried their best to control communal tension during Muharram. But Jhawwa Chowk, where there was a mass attack on Muslims, did not reach there. After the violence, the family members of the victims got scared and were seeking the support of the police to take them to the hospital but no help was received. “Two hours later, at 8 o’clock in the night when the police came, he was taken to the hospital,” said Abul Kalam, the nephew of the victim Sanaullah.

After the incident, Inspector Arjun Kumar of Dhaka police station has been suspended on Monday. A new inspector AK Azad has been appointed in his place.

MLC Khalid Anwar of the ruling party Janata Dal United (JDU) of the state has questioned the police action. He said of the suspended Inspector Arjun Kumar, “The Inspector did not deploy security forces on time. He has been suspended due to lax action. ”

When an attempt was made to contact local SP Upendra Kumar in connection with the incident, he refused to talk. However, in a statement given to Dainik Jagran, he has said, “A video of the entire incident has been seen. In it, the faces of 15 to 28 years old have been marked. All are being verified. ”

The victims told that District Magistrate Raman Kumar has taken his written statement and police has also registered an FIR in this regard. It will be seen how long the police arrest the culprits.


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