Deoria: ‘Girls used to go in white and black cars, used to return crying’

‘In the evening, the girls were taken from the girl’s house in white and black cars, in the morning they returned crying and their eyes were swollen.’

This statement is allegedly from an innocent 10-year-old girl. This girl somehow got out of the hell of ‘Vindhyavasini Devi Social Service and Training Institute’, a girl’s home in Deoria, and reached the women’s police station there on 5 August.

The story of this girl child is exactly like Muzaffarpur in Bihar, with the atmosphere from the road to the Parliament is hot.

The statements of innocent girl are shocking. The Deoria police conducted a raid on the girls’ home run by the NGO Maa Vindhyavasini Devi Samaj Seva and Training Institute and freed 24 girls and women on the late night of the 5th. This girl house is located on the station road of Deoria.

Complaint Lodged

The shocking information related to the mother Vindhyavasini girl house is also that its irregularities were investigated by the CBI in the past and its recognition was canceled in June 2017 only on the basis of the irregularities. The district probation officer of Deoria had filed a case against the head of the organization and the superintendent of this organization illegally a week ago.

Despite this, it is difficult to believe that despite the sexual exploitation of minor girls in an illegally run institution, the district administration was not aware of this.

After the action of the police, Deoria SP Rohan P Kanay informed the media on 5 August at a quarter past eleven at a press conference. He said, “A girl who ran away from the girl child had alleged that she was being mopped. On the same basis, four police teams have raided the women constable. Five employees of the girl child house are being interrogated.

Kanay further explained, “Prima facie, sexual abuse of girls is also coming to the fore. The entire matter is being investigated. ”SP said that according to the records of the institution, a total of 42 girls and women were living here. 24 of which have been found on the spot. The remaining girls are currently missing. The police is tracing them.

21 of the 24 girls were rescued from the station road branch of the mother Vindhyavasini Girls’ Home and three girls were recovered from another center, Rajla.

A news in the Gorakhpur edition of Dainik Hindustan states that the Children’s Home, Girls’ Home and the Children’s Home are run on the station road of the city under the aegis of the mother Vindhyavasini Devi Social Service and Training Institute. It was not getting government grant for almost three years. This matter is also in court. District Probation Officer Abhishek Pandey had issued a notice calling it an institution illegal. About a week ago, with the help of the police, they tried to free the girls kept here, and the people of the institution had turned on violent protest. After which the team had to return.

After this, District Probation Officer Abhishek Pandey filed an FIR against the Director of the organization Girija Tripathi and Superintendent Kanchanlata in Kotwali. The police raided the institution at around 9.30 pm on Sunday night. There was a stir as soon as the action started. During this time, 24 girls and women were freed and taken into their custody.

According to the news of Amar Ujala, another newspaper reported that a 10-year-old girl, who complained to the police, was told that after four o’clock in the evening, some people used to come in black and white cars everyday and some would take the girls. Were. The girls used to return till late at night. She also told that while taking the girls, Madam (the director) used to accompany her. Wrong things happen to the girl child in the girl’s home. According to the girl, brooms and other household chores were also done from her.

In his press conference, SP Kanay told that the names of 42 girls and women of different age groups are recorded in the register of the girl child. 18 girls were not found on the spot after matching. In this regard, the Director of the organization Smt. Girija Tripathi and her husband Mohan Tripathi could not give satisfactory answers. Both have been arrested.

930 girls in girl child in three years

If we trust the daily news of India, Girija Tripathi, the director of Balik Griha, has also questioned the role of police and administration.

When the media questioned Girija Tripathi who was in police custody, his sharp answer came in the form of a question. He said- if their institution was illegal then why did the police send 930 girls to the girl child in the last three years. Girija said, “For three years I have been running a girl child on the basis of my resources. When the bill of your expenses is sent to the administration, you do not have to pay the bill, so the raid has been taken. ”

Girija Tripathi’s answer to this question is not even with the police administration. The officers were seen cutting the tusks with the question that an inquiry is being conducted as to how all this happened.

Administration Falls

District Magistrate of Deoria Sujit Kumar, accused of negligence in the case of action on the girl child house, has been transferred. Amit Kishore has been made the new DM of Deoria. In this case, the current DPO Prabhat Kumar former DPO Abhishek Pandey has also been suspended. Apart from this, instructions have also been given for departmental action on two interim DPOs Neeraj Kumar and Anoop Singh.

Meanwhile, the incident of Deoria has increased political stir in the state. The attacks of opposition parties have intensified. The government hurried into this matter

The action has started. State Women and Child Welfare Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi has come out with a statement that the Girl Child Protection Home was running unofficially. Many times notices were given to close this conservation home. The matter is very serious, will be investigated at every point. It will be identified whether there was body trade here or not?

Dr. Rita Joshi said that we have sent a team from Lucknow there. A report has also been sought from the Principal Secretary, Women and Child Welfare.

Meanwhile, the latest information is that on the orders of the government, the next day at 4 pm, Additional Chief Secretary Child Welfare Department Renuka Kumar and ADG Women’s Helpline Anju Gupta reached Deoria for investigation. He held a meeting with the local authorities for about two hours and inquired about all aspects of the case.

After exiting the meeting, Renuka Kumar told media persons that the investigation of the case is going on. Only something can be told after investigation.

On 6 August, the entire administrative staff spent the entire day combing the information related to the girl’s home. Investigation has also started. The SDM questioned the girls and women who were freed from the girl’s home. He was given medical treatment at the district hospital. On the other hand, the head of the girl child and her husband were questioned by top police officers. Political movement in Lucknow and Deoria intensified. Opposition parties termed the incident as an extension of Muzaffarpur scandal in Bihar and alleged that despite the postponement of recognition, the girls and women rescued by the police continued to be sent to this girl child. Which indicates the association’s deep connection with politicians and bureaucracy. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered a thorough investigation in the case.

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