DPS Noida: Freedom Fight, Sage-Munis Contribution and Fake Hat

Prestigious Delhi Public School located in Sector 132, Noida. There was a three-day Annual Day (annual festival) program here last week, which was the Republic Day. In this, around 800 children of the school participated in different programs during 3 days. Children as well as their families were invited to these programs.

The event was organized on the theme of Republic Day and ‘Unity in Diversity’. A play was staged in this event. During that stage, something like this was shown which caused uneasiness among the Muslim students and their parents who arrived here.

During the play itself, a Muslim student studying in school (name and class cannot be told) asked her father, “You also wear a hat. Are hat-wearers wrong? ”This question also made the father uncomfortable.

One Lingering Question

In fact, the school children were doing a play on the subject ‘How did the country get independence’. In one scene of the play, some sage-monks were sitting and worshiping. While the sage-monk was worshiping, only then a boy got up and gave the sage munis wearing a forged Muslim hat. Jagged hats are worn by the Muslim community during worship or namaz. Apparently whoever wrote the play chose a stereotype, inadvertently depicting India as a country of sages and saints, and as an invader to Muslims who forced the people to forcibly convert.

Irshad (name changed), who arrived at the event with his daughter, says, “The program was very good. Small children were performing. Then a drama was shown that India is a country of sages and sages. The sage Muni is absorbed in meditation, but only then some attackers come and start killing him. During this time, an attacker gives the sages a gauze cap. I found it very strange. I also sometimes wear a mesh cap for namaz. Tomorrow if my daughter asks if Papa is also an attacker, what will I answer? ”

Irshad further says that such plays send the wrong message to children. And this is also wrong from the perspective of history. When the Mughals came to India, they defeated the Raje-princely states and gained power. At that time, the condition of sages and monks was not special, in the state. Nor did the Mughals clash with the common people. Obviously, this is also deceit with history.

DPS, located in Noida Sector 132, is close to Shaheen Bagh, Batla House and Jamia Nagar, a Muslim dominated area of ​​Delhi, so children of Muslim community come here to study in large numbers.

Anwar Khan (name changed), who arrived at the program with his son, says that children are not given religious education in our house. We tell the children their religion as Hindustan, but when this scene came out during the program, it felt very strange. While watching the play, a woman sitting next to me who was sitting with her child started saying, “They are making sages and Muslims Muslims.” That is, this kind of distortion affects people.

Anwar Khan further says, this drama can have a negative effect on children. Even if that child did not wear a netted hat during the play, the meaning of the play would have reached the people. What happened in history Who are we bothering, why are we spoiling our today and tomorrow.

In this issue, Newslaundry tried to talk to the principal of DPS but the school administration told that they are on long leave. In the absence of the principal, Bhavna Khanna, who was watching his work, talked about newslaundry. He said, “Here in the drama we showed how Hindustan got independence. Through the play, we tried to tell how Khilji first attacked the country, then the Mughals came and then the British made us their slaves and how we got freedom from them. ”

On the question of wearing a reticulated hat, Bhavna Khanna says that the scene was used to show forced conversions in the country during the rule of the Khilji and the Mughals. We were not showing anything with our mind. We have tried to show only those who are in history so that the youth of today can know how much freedom has been achieved after many difficulties.

Analyzing The Past

Garbage understanding of history being given to children

One aspect of what Bhavna Khanna is saying is that DPS is a modern, secular values-based educational institution. Showing six to seven hundred years old in the present context can not be called sensible from anywhere, especially among children who do not yet understand history or who study in first to fifth grade.

Social thinker Abhay Kumar Dubey says on this matter, “The hatred of Muslims in the society is constantly being spread. As shown in DPS, the real purpose of showing things in that way is more to criticize the Mughal rulers than to create negative sentiments towards the people who have Muslim population in the country. Whether or not anyone wore a forged cap in the time of the Mughals.

Regarding the impact of such programs on children, Abhay Kumar Dubey says that it will have a very bad effect on children. It will have a different impact on Hindu children and different on Muslim children. Friendship between children will be bad. In this way the poison of communalism will be sown in the minds of children.


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