Election … power … Democracy of loot is true hunger and poverty

If democracy means election, then poverty will mean election promise. If democracy means loot of power, then snatching the stomach of the citizens will be the rant of democracy. And to understand this, there is no need to wait for independence in 2019. Only the ground truth has to be understood, which the Modi government also knows and the 195 countries of the world also know, who are members of the United Nations.

That is, the world considers India as a market because the power here is ready to give permission to loot the country’s mineral resources on commission. India is so low in social index that rejected goods of developed countries are consumed in India. And the market of India is so developed that the medicines which the developed countries of the world have considered to be fatal, that deadly medicine is consumed in the market of India. That is, a wonderful democracy, because on the one hand, power, corporate and multinational companies start working on the lines of developed countries, on the other hand, the leftovers which were left to the poor after the plunder and consumption of mineral resources in favor of citizens, that A symbol of the welfare scheme is made.

And for who should be entitled to such a system, there is an election, on which the money of the loot system is looted. But to understand what is the condition of the land of this democracy of looting system, check only those three states of the country, where two national political parties are facing each other in the elections.

The ruling BJP has twelve, because it is the only government in all three states. And especially from Modi-Amit Shah, the Sangh Parivar is proud that there is no such rule in Madhya Pradesh like Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Those who call themselves farmers. So the Hindu people also take a sap. Those who also take care of volunteers and have been given jobs in all the districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Enhancing The Dimensions

But no one speaks on the fact that forty percent people of Madhya Pradesh fall under the purview of Multidimensional Poverty Index. That is, the question is not just below the poverty line. Rather, Madhya Pradesh is trapped in the vicious cycle of being malnourished, ill, living hungry. And this is what UNDP, the organization that runs the United Nations Development Program, says.

Based on this UNDP report, India gets financial help. But since the path of help also goes to the poor through Delhi, it shows the poor the election manifesto of power in lieu of bread. Asks for votes And despite all, there is no improvement in the condition of the poor. That is, it is also a question whether the help which is provided for the poor India from all over the world through different programs, does not even usurp political power. Power is in many moods. Central or state power also needs many welfare institutions to grab this money.

Institutions that work for poverty or the poor also support the government in grabbing foreign aid money. Or to say that power recognizes or gives money only to those institutions which stand with political power in grabbing the rupee. In such a situation, in which Madhya Pradesh, billions of rupees are being looted in publicity to occupy the power of the country. Leaders flying across the sky from a chartered plane and helicopter are hitting Kulache. True lies are serving everything. How much and where the land can be seen from that sky.

In the world map, the country of Africa, Namibia is one such country which has maximum hunger. And imagine UNDP report says that Namibia’s MPI ie Multinational Poverty Index ie multidimensional poverty level is 0.181. And Madhya Pradesh also has a label of 0.181. That is, Madhya Pradesh is at the same stage as Namibia.

So how tragic is the truth of the lie that tells the poor citizens about the economy of India, its development. It can also be understood from this that in 2015, when Prime Minister Modi came to campaign in Bihar elections, he gave a speech – “Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are no longer a sick state. And Bihar needs BJP to overcome its sickness. “But the truth is not only tragic in Madhya Pradesh but Rajasthan’s identity as Guatemala, the second most sick country in the world. According to the UNDP report, the MPI of Guatemala is 0.143 and the same index is also for Rajasthan.

Chhattisgarh, called the rice bowl, has also not developed, as claimed by Raman Singh, who has been in power for a decade. The line related to poverty is that of Zimbabwe, the same line belongs to Chhattisgarh. That is, how the countries are flourishing in different provinces under the shade of rich political democracy or the situation like the world’s most hungry or poor countries. But power is always rich. And how the meaning of Reasi is that the methods used to obtain power by enslaving the citizens can be understood from the economic social conditions of the citizens.

The Oxfom report says that India’s politics competes with European countries economically. That is, our nation’s leaders and political parties are in a position to beat the RECs as much as the top 10 countries of the world are in power. And after 2014, there have been four moons in the regency of power, which is leaving even the US senators behind.

But what is the condition of the states in this regard. For example, the country’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh, MPI ie Multidimensional Poverty Index is 0.180. Which is equivalent to Congo. So can anyone say that Yogi

Rulers of the Congo. Shivraj is the ruler of Namibia. Vasundhara is the ruler of Guatemala. Raman Singh is the ruler of Zimbabwe.

The truth of Bihar in which the BJP continued to vie for power and Nitish Kumar kept linking himself to the winds of Bihar is that it is at the bottom of India and the fifth lowest in the world from Malavai in South East Africa Sits equivalent. That is, Nitish Kumar Malavai is the ruler of the country. Which is running with the support of BJP.

Why is it important in the country to pressure the public to contest elections on a zero budget. The biggest reason for this is this loot system, around which the melody of democracy is sung. And the extent is that the state of Kerala, in which the politics of women has become blind due to the entry of women and politics is not wanting to comment even on the decision of the Supreme Court, politics also wants to drag it into its own quagmire. It seems, because Kerala is among the most developed states in the country, which has the lowest poverty. And among the countries of the world, Kerala is compared to Jordan. The MPI here is 0.004. So before going to grab the country in the name of politics and power, electoral democracy, be warned.

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