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The Modi government, which started with the suit-boot government, has become a government of big people after five years. Jaitleyji is getting thin in the concern of big people. The judges’ chair remained vacant for months, but their government continued to fight for its ego. Common people kept wandering for justice. Reputation kept getting dust in the mud. Then the blog minister cum finance minister of India did not take care. He is not in a position to make a budget at this time, but is writing a blog for big people.

CBI has a cell. Banking and Security Fraud Cell (BSFC). Sudhanshu Dhar Mishra was the SP of this cell. On January 22, Sudhanshu filed an FIR against Chanda Kochhar, her husband Deepak Kochhar and Videocon’s VN Dhoot in the bank fraud case. On 23 January, he was transferred to the Economic Offenses Wing of Ranchi.

The explanation given by the CBI after the news of the Indian Express is even more serious. The agency says that the information related to the search was leaked so they were transferred. amazing. If this happened, then who has benefited from that information, to whom the information was leaked. Now that SP has been accused. If the CBI SP leaks secret information, then should only the transfer action take place? Whose eyes are the games being played? In whose eyes is the transfer game being played? The CBI says that investigations are being conducted against him but could not answer that with whose permission did SP Mishra register an FIR?

The BRICS Summit

Two days after the transfer of SP Mishra, i.e. on January 25, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley writes a blog in defense of the accused in the FIR. Criticizes the CBI. It is said that it is the thrill of the investigation that reaches nowhere. In this way, the person’s reputation is lost by suing the case. Their time and money is wasted. Chanda Kochhar and her husband are not named among the accused. Zarin Daruwala, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, Rajeev Sabarwal, head of Tata Capital, Songjoy Chatterjee, chairman of Goldman Shash India, and KV Kamath, considered don of the banking sector.

The day Jaitleyji wrote the blog, another news came on the same day. 111 lawsuits were filed against the Delhi Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and 33 MLAs, 64 of them have been rejected. Try Jaitleyji’s blog by applying them. Wasn’t their time, money wasted? His reputation is not ruined? Will Jaitley not know then what all this is happening, at whose behest? Why legislators and a government are being prevented from working in the case of politics by making fake and unnecessary cases?

On March 29, 2018, Indian Express reported that Videocon owner VN Dhoot deposited crores of rupees in the company of Deepak Kochhar, husband of Chanda Kochhar of ICICI Bank. Six months after that, Dhoot gets a loan of 3,250 crore from the bank, following the rules. Videocon does not pay nearly Rs 2,810 crore of this borrowing. In response, the bank declares this money as NPA in 2017, that is, the money of the bank which has sunk. In this case, the name of KV Kamath is also added, which is India’s representative in the BRICS. Radiant Tiwari and Manoj CG of Indian Express reported this on 27 January. Do you know that in other cases of NPA, big people are being saved?

See the news of Seema Chishti in today’s Indian Express. There has been an attempt to transfer Justice S. Muralidhar, who gave a bold verdict in the matter of communal violence and personal liberty, which has been stopped for the time being. This was discussed twice in the Supreme Court’s Coliseum, but due to some members of the Coliseum, they have been transferred. Sources have told all this to Seema Chishti. The transfer of High Court Justice S Muralidhar was discussed twice in December and January, but the transfer stopped due to Justice Lokur and Justice Sikri.

Justice Muralidhar granted relief to Gautam Navlakha, arrested for alleged Maoist links. In 1986, he also gave a decision in the Hashimpura murder case near Meerut. Justice Muralidhar was also involved in the bench which sentenced Sajjan Kumar. Last year, Justice Muralidhar was criticized by the Reserve Bank’s independent director and association S S Gurumurthy. Justice Muralidhar started the process of contempt against Gurumurthy. The matter was heard in the chamber on 11 December. After that, Justice Muralidhar’s transfer was the first attempt.

There is a news in today’s telegraph. Lok Janshakti Party leader Pashupati Kumar Paras told the media that there will be an NDA rally in Bihar on March 3 as the Election Commission will impose a code of conduct between March 6 and 10. When the Election Commission will do what, the government’s allies are also aware. Do you feel all right?

The CBI SP is being transferred after taking the names of big people, the finance minister sits down to write a blog for them. So by starting a case against a person associated with the Sangh, there is an attempt to transfer the High Court judge. Still you say that nothing good is happening in India.

Isn’t it good that all the institutions are being destroyed for the convenience of the government? Your elected government is enjoying the way it wants to be. These are good days That is why you neither understand satire nor facts. What can be more positive news for a government? Everything is being ruined before the eyes and you are saying that India


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