Hundreds of years old practice of politics from Khilafat to Modi

When Prophet Muhammad left this world, after closing his eyes, some of his companions closed their bodies in a room and got involved in a debate about who would take over the reins after the Prophet. On the other hand, the dead body of the Prophet was locked in a room, on the other hand elections were being held for the new ruling who would become the kingpin of Islamic rule.

Some powerful people jointly got together and declared the first Khalifa Abubakar. Khalifa means the successor of the Prophet. Heir means not the heir to the Prophet’s “spiritual” heritage, but the heir to the legacy of Islamic rule. And when the first Khalifa was elected, those who considered the Prophet to be their spiritual master, strongly opposed this “political” game. People were not ready to believe that after all, why should we accept the words of these Caliphs and why should we accept them as our religious leaders?

The newly formed Khalifa got angry at the opposition of the people. He felt that now he is the one who is the real heir. Therefore, he waged war against every person who opposed Khilafat. Thousands, millions died. And all this happened within a few weeks of Prophet Muhammad leaving this world. Those of a sect of Islam, who later came to be called Shia, rejected this political Islam completely and became enemies of the remaining Muslims. From there various religions of Islam started.

Now the most important thing in this incident is that there is no mention of anyone becoming a caliph or successor of Muhammad in the Quran. Nor in any hadith. Even during his lifetime, Muhammad has never said that after me there will be any caliph. In one or two hadith, a little gesture is found towards Ali, but he is not even sure and he is not like that Ali will take the throne after me. There is nothing like this anywhere. So there is no complete concept of Khilafat or succession in Islam. Any concept of any kind of king and emperor is contrary to the basic teachings of Islam. It is totally against the basic principles of Islam.

Why Sudden Change Though?

But what happened? The Muslim caliphs were so bothered that they could fight among themselves. And it was only because of the caliphate that they were powerful, powerful, ruling, rich in wealth and removing whomever they wanted. Therefore, all the political greedy were gradually with the caliphs. They began to help the Caliphs in increasing power, and at one time it came that the majority of the Caliphate believers and those who opposed them remained in one corner of the confederation.

I often wondered what kind of stupid people must have been who, despite knowing that all this Khilafat is against the teachings of Islam and this is neither mentioned in the Qur’an nor in the Hadith, yet a large number of Muslims How did it start to consider Islam?

This happened just like it is happening in India today. It is the same scene and the same script and the same environment. Such were the ruling few people who killed, pressured and crushed every person who said that “you people are greedy for power and not our religious leaders”. Whoever refused to pay zakat was told by the Caliphate supporters that our soldiers are dying on the border, the whole country will one day be occupied by Jews and Christians and you have to refuse zakat? Die hungry but keep giving zakat to the power so that the power can spread further.

In exactly the same way, nowadays the public is explaining to each other in hundreds WhatsApp group that you people will bet the country for cheap petrol? Others like Rahul, Akhilesh are not Hindus anywhere, they are all “Sanatani Mushrekin” or “Sanatani Kafir”. So stand up against them. Go hungry, ruin the business, let the business of business cease, but let the “Caliphate” take power. There is no development, no development, no unemployment. The only thing is how Modi will stay in power and how he will win again. This is the only objective and this is the idea.

The Arabic caliphs removed every one of their opponents from their path, saying that they are all infidels, and enemies of Islam. Whoever came in protest said this to everyone. And even after fourteen hundred years, those with religious authority have the same passion and the same loyalty for their caliphs. Even today, if you say something to one caliph, then it will become your enemy and if it is settled then it will also take your life.

One of the most interesting things in this whole episode is to consider that the priests of the new Caliph of India are called priests of the Arabic Caliphate as Gahil and out-dated. On the other hand, those who believe in Arabic caliphs call these Indian caliph devotees Gahil and Donkey. They explain to them that your religion has become a political religion and they understand them. They will say to them that no sky book has come from the sky, but they themselves will search the internet in the Mahabharata period and their caliph will tell them the virtues of surgery of the gods, then they will.

You can see comfortably that Shias have come to Sanatan too. The one who supports Rahul, Kejriwal and Akhilesh is Shia, ie Sanatani Mushrekin. And the rest of the majority Sanatani Sunni. Tadka is all the same, the flavor is new.

Come, welcome to the new kingdom of Khilafat of the twenty-first century.


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