Jamia Milia Islamia Women’s Hostel or imprisonment

About 250 girl students of Jamia Millia Islamia have written an open letter to Vice Chancellor Talat Ahmed in protest against the change in the curfew time of the hostel and the new guidelines. In this letter submitted to the Vice Chancellor on July 3, the students have sought feedback from the college administration in 72 hours.

Before the start of the semester, the curfew time has been reduced from 10:30 pm to 9 pm in the guidelines issued for girl students on 27 June. In March, Jamia students campaigned against unfair curfew time in the name of “security”. After this campaign, the curfew time was reduced from 8 pm to 10:30 pm. Now change is being tried once again.

Not only the change in the time of female hostel curfew but also according to the new rules, the girl students cannot participate in the protest or signature campaign at the time of hostel or against any rules. According to the rules, if a student does not follow these conditions, then the membership of her hostel can be canceled with immediate effect.

A third year student of Jamia’s mass media told Newslaundry on condition of anonymity, ‘Jamia Milia Islamia has no hostel for women’. He also told, ‘This is an attempt to intimidate the female students, now the students cannot even raise their voice.’

According to the hostel guidelines, the inter-hostel gates will be closed at 11.30, that is, the girls can stay in their own hostels inside the hostel campus after that. According to the rules, now we cannot use the washing machine after 11 pm. Earlier there were no such restrictions. ”A student studying economics told Newslaundry.

Impact Of The Step

“This step of the hostel administration is to completely break the confidence of the students as curfew time has been reduced again,” says Syma Hassan, a third-year student of psychology. On the protest, she said, “We protest again And this time the protest will be bigger, unfair rules of administration will not be tolerated. ”

According to Pinjar Tod, an organization that has been instrumental in protesting against hostel rules, the administration’s decision “violates our fundamental rights to register and hold protests.” Pinjar break called it “women’s freedom And in the last session, on March 19, the protests by the girls have been described as a tough attack ”.

This organization has also said that there are no such rules for boys hostels. These instructions are the way of administration to suppress the voice of women and keep women marginalized in the college campus.

To find out the reasons for implementing the new rules, Newslaundry spoke to Warden of Jamia’s Women’s Hostel. Warden Farheen Zehra of the hostel said that, “These guidelines have been implemented by higher officials, and this decision has been welcomed by many parents and students.”

Demanding equal rights in Jamia, the girls have refused to kneel in front of the hostel administration and if the university opens on July 15, Vice Chancellor Talat Ahmed does not reconsider these rules and no positive results are forthcoming. Will protest

Newslaundry has also tried to get an official view from Jamia’s vice-chancellor office in this regard but so far no reply has been received from him. This report will be updated on getting a response.

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