Journalist Jamal Khashoggi missing, question mark on Western countries close to Saudi Arabia

The secret of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi is getting deeper. On October 2, he went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey to collect divorce documents. He is not known since then. Saudi Arabia says that they came to the embassy, ​​but soon returned. He has no idea about them.

In the CCTV video, Khashogi can be seen going inside the embassy, ​​but there is no evidence of his coming out. Turkish sources involved in the investigation of this issue have expressed their apprehension in the information given to the media that this well-known Saudi journalist has been murdered within the embassy and his body has been torn to pieces.

Born in Medina, 60-year-old Khashoggi fled Saudi Arabia last year due to increasing pressure from the imperial Saudi regime. In the country and outside media, he continuously criticized the policies of Emperor Salman and his son Shahzada Mohammed. He has also been speaking out against Israel and US President Trump. The disappearance of such a person, or the alleged killing is not only a big news for the Arabs, but also a big setback for the western countries of Saudi Arabia. Arabia has lost a strong democratic voice and the West now has to prove that it is serious about such acts of Saudi rule.

Important European countries have demanded an inquiry into the whole matter. Some countries and big businessmen have boycotted events in Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, President Trump also warned Saudi rule. Saudi Arabia also responded to this with the same attitude. Experts believe that Saudi Arabia can also use oil which has a special place in the global economy as a weapon. This gesture has also been given by Riyadh in gestures. It would not be right to see the rise in crude oil prices on Monday from an economic or financial perspective.

Change In The Radar

Things have started changing since Monday. President Trump has expressed doubts about the conversation with Emperor Salman that “rogue elements may have killed Khashoggi”. He also said that Saudi Shah has ordered an internal investigation. This statement shows their softness. One, Saudi Arabia is the closest to America in that area, and the other is that Shahzada Mohammad bin Salman and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are very well versed. After father, only King Mohammed has to be found.

Britain and France are currently confined to statements and will continue to do so because their political and business relations with the Saudi royal family are as deep as those of the US. British historian Mark Curtis, in his book ‘Secret Affairs: Britons Collusion with Radical Islam’, has described in detail the Saudi-British relationship and also complained that the British media has given its people the right information The responsibility is not fulfilled.

Shehzade has taken no effort in strengthening her hold in the country. With measures such as allowing women to drive cars, opening cinemas and controlling Wahhabi clerics and religious police, they are wooing the new generation, tightening stance on Yemen, Syria and Iran and improving relations with Egypt and Israel in the region. Are interfering in politics They are also solving their challenges by tightening their nerves on the Shahazad of Shahi al-Saud Khanadan. They are following a policy of not tolerating any dissatisfaction.

For this reason, Jamal’s disappearance and alleged murder also go to him. It should also be noted that the tradition of dissatisfying people, including members of the royal family, to detain, detain and kill them is not new. But after coming to power in the hands of Mohammed bin Salman, such incidents have happened very fast. The news of heavy recovery from the arrest of more than two hundred Shahzadas is not old.

Last year, dozens of human rights and social workers have been detained, including women. British lawyers – Rodney Dixon, Lord Ken Macdonald and Eden Ellis – published detailed reports on the mass arrests in September 2017 in February this year. In September last year, Jamal Khasogi ran out of Saudi Arabia for the last time.

The Family

In 2015, a special member of the royal family, Shahzada Turki bin Bandar, was kidnapped and taken to Saudi Arabia. About five years ago, he fled the country and was living in Paris. At one time he used to be a senior officer of Saudi Police Department and his responsibility was to supervise the royal family. He had to go to jail due to family dispute. After his release from prison, he came to France. Coming to Paris, he started the process of putting videos on the Internet. In those videos he used to demand reform in Saudi Arabia.

Another Shahzade Saud has also been missing for criticizing the Saudi regime on Twitter. In September 2015, this princess had appealed to overthrow the emperor Salman. The princess was brought directly from the ship to Saudi Arabia on the pretext of taking Italy from Milan to Rome in connection with the business meeting.

Another angry Shahzada Khalid bin Farhan is in Germany right now and he also fears that he may be kidnapped. Shahzada Sultan bin Turki bin Abdul Aziz was picked up from Geneva and brought to Saudi Arabia. The BBC made a documentary on these kidnappings last year, stating that the attitude of Western countries in these cases has been in favor of Saudi Arabia.



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