Modi’s Akbar is ‘great’

For the last four years, the BJP and the Sangh people have been engaged in cutting the greatness of that great Akbar, who was also successful, which was a big character of history. That Akbar is no longer great in the syllabus. But what will they do now when the Akbar ‘great’ of the Modi cabinet has gone out? The reference to Akbar’s ‘greatness’ in the Modi cabinet is not that he built forts, but that he created an aura of complex English around him and then killed trust in that fort. Wounded deeply on the body and mind of women journalists.

What Prime Minister Modi will do to this Akbar, will the Hindi-speaking inferior victim take care of Akbar’s English or exclude him from the syllabus of his government. We not only Hindi people but also English people take advantage of meaningless ornate English, which means only to raise the bar of scholarship. Akbar is nothing but English.

In India, such English speaking villages are considered great scholars from Delhi to Delhi. MJ Akbar is the name in the world of journalism that I exemplify. I always say be Akbar. First do journalism, then become an MP of a party, then get out of that party and call its leader’s family a thief and then become a minister in another party. Whether or not the Mughals’ Akbar was great, but Modi’s Akbar is indeed ‘great’. Think today how External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will look at this Akbar, how will the women officers and employees of the Ministry of External Affairs go to this Akbar’s room?

Same Party

I am referring to MJ Akbar’s ‘greatness’ because he has not changed any party. The minister of state has not become a cabinet minister. You know that women journalists in India are sharing their experiences of sexual exploitation in this profession. It is being called the English word Meetu, that is what has happened to me too, I also want to tell. Under this, many women journalists have given proof with the photo of WhatsApp chat, that the editor-level journalist had a kind of indecent conversation with them and hurt their self-respect and body. Akbar’s favor has not come, waiting is waiting, Prime Minister’s favor is also waiting.

Under the Meetu movement, Hindustan Times political editor Prashant Jha, whose book ‘How BJP wins’ has been widely discussed, has had to resign. Prashant Jha’s resignation did not make it clear that he had admitted his guilt and whether the investigation will be done now because it is not mentioned at all. Many women journalists have expressed their grief in all these contexts. These stains on his mind and body were going on for a long time. If you get an opportunity, I told you. Hrithik Roshan has refused to work with a director who is accused of sexual exploitation. Action is being taken against the Resident Editor of Times of India. The public is watching what Prime Minister Modi is doing.

In the course of the Meetu campaign, journalist Rohini Singh tweeted that how can it be that women journalists are talking about big editors but are silent about who is currently sitting in the center of power. Rohini Singh did not take anyone’s name, but perhaps his interest is such that everyone understood that the one who is sitting next to the throne by putting a stool i.e. the Minister of State for External Affairs is the same. He is the one who hid his ‘greatness’ till date.

Journalist Priya Ramani also wrote that she had written about her sexual exploitation in Vogue magazine last year and started the story with an incident with MJ Akbar. Priya did not take the name of MJ Akbar at that time, but wrote the name of MJ Akbar, sharing the link of the story of 2017. Said that the story that begins with this is MJ Akbar. Priya has written that she had run away that night. Never went to the room alone with her again. This is the Akbar who is sitting with a room in the Ministry of External Affairs in the Modi Cabinet.

By reading the story of an anonymous woman journalist on the Firstpost website, your bowels will come out. It will be known that MJ Akbar used to work with the system to hunt women. Used to make plans Used to force him to come to his room. You will not be able to read this story completely. When Akbar has given a deep wound to this woman journalist, he is terrible at reading, what should that woman journalist have had to face in saving and keeping it in the corner of memories. Whenever she would see the name of MJ Akbar, she would see black night in her mind. When Akbar called alone in the room. Sent him to remove the snow and then with his criminal touch made him half dead. As soon as he turned, Akbar held him. She somehow got rid of. Took off the sandals on the stairs and ran barefoot from that hotel in Mumbai.

The story of MJ Akbar told by journalist Ghazala Wahab in The Wire is gruesome. Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi sack MJ Akbar after reading this? According to me, I should pay taxes or bring them in front of everyone at BJP headquarters this evening and say that I make this Akbar the Deputy Prime Minister. Tell me what you guys will do. You do not know the journalists, all of you will clap. Wow.

If a woman had made the same accusation against Rahul Gandhi, the BJP would have been holding a press conference till the office of the concierge, the minister would have left his job and was giving a statement Ever since the name of MJ Akbar has come, BJP leaders have not remembered the press conference.

The Great Man

Among the journalists who have left their marks in the corridors of the city, Akbar also has a name. After Modi came to power, it was laughed that journalists who had taken power were shown the way out. The public could not see that the biggest name of that Lutyen faction is sitting in the lap of the government. By becoming the Minister of State for External Affairs. The remaining anchors became Lutyens’ new smoothie. Lutyens Delhi won. He told that the emperor also drowns in its well and the pawn drowns and floats on the surface of the water. Akbar is swimming.

The Quint website and the Telegraph newspaper have reported on Akbar. Akbar was the founding editor of the Telegraph. He is called by many surnames in journalism. Which institution did not give this opportunity to Akbar, while everyone knew about its story. Even when Akbar went to Modi’s cabinet, his past was in the cognizance of politicians. Modi and Shah do not know, it is like declaring yourself innocent. Nevertheless, MJ Akbar was made a minister. Everyone knows Akbar. They get nervous with English which is of no use.

Akbar, who wrote the book in the pride of Nehru, was overturned by every word of his book. His faith in his handwriting suggests that Akbar has no faith. It is with power, with that power which will remain for fifty years. Modi will win the elections of four states and will say that the people are with us. Our opponents oppose me. All these words will save Akbar. But the Prime Minister is still with you, answer why Akbar is with you?

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