Pandya and Rahul became victims of big game in sports

All-rounder Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, two players of the Indian cricket team, have had to return to India from Australia during the middle tour. This happened for the second time in India’s 82-year cricket history, when a player from a foreign tour was disciplined and sent back from a middle tour. Earlier this happened to cricketer Lala Amarnath, who was sent back from a mid-tour in 1936 because of a British India cricket team arguing with Raja Vijji of the then captain Vizianagaram.

Hardik Pandya and Lokesh Rahul were dropped from the first ODI against Australia on Saturday. Committee of Administrators (COA) member Diana Edulji had recommended a ‘suspension till further action’ against Pandya and Rahul, which has been accepted. However, he has also said that the final decision against both will be taken only after the advice of the Legal Counsel. Both have been accused of blaming the reputation of Indian cricket, defaming it and tarnishing the image of cricketers.

In the famous filmmaker-director Karan Johar’s TV show ‘Koffee with Karan’, KL Rahul and Pandya had some so-called sensational confessions about women, moments with them, what they think about them and their sex life. .

What Went Wrong?

This show of Karan Johar is known only for presenting information related to celebrities’ personal life, by making it spicy. In this somewhere, Karan Johar being an A-lister in the industry, it is very important to be the most successful film producer and director. There is such a perception in the film industry that if an artist comes to Karan’s show as a guest, he not only becomes a part of that A-list class but also opens his luck.

Among all the concerns of the BCCI, there is a fear that the kind of revelations that Pandya and Rahul have made in Karan’s show – they can very easily hit the target of match-fixing mafia and the ‘Honey Trap’ set by them Can get stuck in ‘.

Cricketers in India are more or less similar to film stars and their fan following is also in large numbers. Obviously, there is a good fan following of Hardik and Rahul. In Karan’s show, in the impulse of conversation, Hardik forgot that it is one thing to have unpopular thinking on any subject and it is another thing to show that thinking. The way he tried to present his sex life in a colorful way, in that he knowingly and unknowingly insulted the woman, her dignity and her body.

When Hardik tells an arrogant aerogens that the cheerleaders (girls working in the IPL) are not attracted to them, they try to categorize the girls who act cheerleading. Whereas – the cheerleaders girls are also doing their work there. If they try to degrade them, then the question arises – Is the entire IPL cricket administration’s stand on the cheerleaders?

Pandya’s second mistake is that he considers himself to have a little ‘black’ gene on the basis of his skin color and nan-nash, ie Caribbean or West Indian. We all know that whether Black American or Caribbean, their gesture, lifestyle and behavior is different from Asian or British players. Chris Gayle is an example of this, who often makes headlines outside the cricket field due to his antics. However, till date his cricket board has also not supported his controversial activities outside the field. This thing of Pandya came out as a racist comment, as if I am black, it is normal for me to behave like this.

During the show, in the impulse of conversation, he also included his parents in his thoughts, do not know how much truth and imagination was involved in it. According to Pandya, his parents almost agree with this behavior – because he is a big cricketer.

Will They Return?

The conclusion is that if you are successful, your parents will also support your legitimate and illegal antics. The problem here is private and public. Cricketers like Pandya, who are considered role models by thousands and millions of children in our country, got two wrong messages to make private life a public display. The first is that if you are successful, you can use any kind of objectionable opinion and language towards women. Second is that when you do this, your family, friends, relationships, society all accept it. Hardik Pandya had some privileges as a successful cricketer. They are aware of those rights, but they do not know how to use those rights, what precautions are to be taken for them, what are the minimum qualifications to use those rights.

They have to bear the brunt of this too. It has started with his team only. Captain Virat Kohli has also refused to support both players. Former cricketer Harbhajan Singh even went so far as to say that he could not travel with his wife-daughter in a bus that would have Pandya and Rahul.

Its commercial impact is also visible. Companies like Gillette and Puma have announced to end their contracts with these two players. Both companies have made it clear that they do not support such thinking as a brand.

There are those who believe that in this case Pandya has been made a goat of sacrifice.

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