Rafal Deal: Some questions, whose answers are missing from CEO Eric Trappey’s interview

Only one part of the interview of Ten Aviation CEO Eric Trappey was discussed, perhaps because the dock media may have felt that these people have given certificates to the Modi government. If you look carefully at the answer received from ANI editor Smita Prakash’s interview, then Eric Trappiye seems either unaware of the deal or is speaking what he has been told to speak. You can also listen to his answer to the questions of removing Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to make Anil Ambani’s company an offset partner, all doubts will start growing again.

On September 13, Manu Pabi reported in the Economic Times that Mukesh Ambani’s company had taken the initiative to enter into an agreement with Ten Aviation during the UPA but after 2014, they backed down and opted out of the aviation business. According to the old deal, Ten Avision was going to invest one lakh crore, which would fulfill its offset liability. In this report, answers were sought from Mukesh Ambani and Ten Aviation in this matter, but it was not found.

On November 13, 2018, Smita Prakash of ANI asks the CEO of the ten how Anil Ambani got the contract. Smita Prakash reminds that François Hollande has said that the ten were not given the option to choose their offset partner. The Government of India said that nothing like this happened, that pressure was not put on it.

Disagreeing With The Facts

Now in response to this question, Eric Trappié says, “François Oland has denied his point, it is clear that both partners themselves made this agreement, this decision to choose Reliance was not the decision of the French Government or the Government of India. My There is a good example. I started a discussion with Reliance in 2011. Then François Hollande was not the President. Modi was not the Prime Minister. We reached a settlement in 2012. ”

Here Smita Prakash says that even then Reliance was different. He was the second brother. The Prime Minister of India and the President of France were also different. But you were still, and you are still.

The essence of the answer given in English by the CEO of Ten Aviation on this question is something like, “If I said that we decided to move forward, we decided to grow with Reliance. Within the same group because they He has two brothers and is the son of former leader Ambani, so it was completely in the same line, with one or the other company of the same group. ”

Are the CEOs of the ten saying that Mukesh was talking to Ambani’s company in 2011, then in 2015 he started talking to Anil Ambani’s company of the same Reliance Group? His statement is misleading. True, both are children of the same father and are brothers, but do they not know that they both have different companies and their groups. Talk to Mukesh Ambani’s company and give the contract to Anil Ambani’s company, because both are called Ambani?

Eric Trappiye, there is no dearth of Latifas in the WhatsApp University of India that you and Latifah are pushing. From this answer it seems that Mukesh was talking to Ambani, he suddenly got up and left and then came to Anil Ambani. If the face of both of them looked the same, then we gave the contract to Anil Ambani.

Everyone knows that Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani separated in 2005. Mukesh Ambani’s group is the chairman of Reliance Industry. Their group is different. Whose profit is discussed. Anil Ambani’s group is different. The news of losses and loans of thousands of crores are printed on their companies. If both were companies of the same group, the total profit and loss of both would also be same. However, it is not like that. If the CEO of the ten does not know that much, then his company will definitely not make fighter aircraft, packing Sattu. She would sell her stuffed in bomb.

Are ten CEOs joking? What can such a statement of a CEO be in such a sensitive matter? This answer only suggests that Eric does not have an answer. You read yourself and tell us whether this answer in itself does not tell that they have no answer on this question.

Julian Bassan, journalist of the French newspaper ‘La Mon’, has tweeted and revealed this lack of his statement. Bassan has also quipped on this answer that Anil Ambani’s company got a chance because it is better to start from zero. On this also, the CEO should tell you how many such companies have been made offset partners who do not have experience. Is Anil Ambani just lacking in companies inexperienced in defense matters or are there more partners who make wedding marriage plates and have also been given the opportunity to make parts of the fighter plane.

On April 15, 2015, a Rafale deal is signed between Prime Minister Modi and former President Francois Hollande in Paris. Twenty days before this, there is a video of this same CEO in Paris on 25 March. While they are happily declaring the old deal announced and the Chief of Air Force is sitting in front of them, the chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is sitting. They also mention both in their talk.

In this video of March 25, Eric says, “After a lot of hard work and brilliant discussions, you can imagine my satisfaction. When the Chief of the Indian Air Force says that he wants a fighter aircraft like Rafale. On the other hand, the Chairman of HAL would say We are ready to share our responsibilities. I agree that the work of completing the contract and signing will be done soon. ”

Analyzing The Statement

Twenty days after this statement, when the agreement is signed on April 15, 2015, HAL is out of the deal. Of ten

If this is the statement of the same CEO, then he should have told him that with whom he was saying on March 25 that HAL is ready. Why does ANI’s Smita Prakash not tell Prakash on November 13, 2018 when HAL was pulled out of the deal.

CEO Eric Trappié says, “As a supplier we were trying a lot for this deal. In 2012 we were the winners. So we wanted this deal. 126 was the deal for the aircraft. So we were working on that deal. Been with. As I said with HAL and Indian Air Force. It is right that I said so. I agree that the Government of India has said that the deal of 126 aircraft is very long and difficult. That is why deal of 36 aircraft Are. Fr. This Government will supply. That was in 2015. ”

Read yourself and listen to the full interview in English. Explain whether CEO Eric Trappié has given any response to the exit of HAL. Have they not left? The question is, how did the old offset partner get out and how did the new one come out, then you should also evaluate the CEO’s answer to this important question. Their answers clear doubts or become deeper.

You must have read the news of the CEO’s statement in many newspapers, especially in Hindi newspapers- “I am telling the truth. We do not lie. Our company is clean. ”Did you get information there that in 1998, the former director of this company was sentenced to 18 months. He was arrested on charges of feeding money to Belgian leaders to get contracts.

The CEO of this company is openly saying that compared to the UPA deal, the aircraft has been given at 9 percent cheaper rates. Isn’t it kind of telling the price? Then why in the court does the government say that you cannot tell the price without asking France. So by asking whom the CEO is giving the idea of ​​the rate to the whole world. Has the Indian government granted permission?


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