Savitribai Phule: Today is the birthday of the women of India

Do you know? She used to take two saris. On the way some people used to throw cow dung on them. Brahmins who threw cow dung believed that Shudra and Atishudras do not have the right to read. The saris that came out of the house were filled with foul smell. She used to wear another sari after reaching school. Then she started teaching girls.

What Was The Matter?

This incident took place around January 1, 1848. On this day, Savitri Bai Phule opened a school for girls in Bhidewadi, Pune city. Today is his birthday. On this day, all women and men of India should apply the same vaccine in their honor. Because this woman has freed not only women but also men from their inertia and stupidity.

According to different claims in Kerala on January 2 this year, thirty to five million women were standing on a wall on a six hundred km route. In 1848, Savitri Bai alone stood as a wall for crores of women. The foundation of this wall of Kerala was laid by Savitri Bai alone. Meeting her husband Jyetiba Phule and Sagunabai.

Go through his biography, you will be filled with pride. Savitri Bai’s picture should be in every school whether it is government or private. There has not been such a woman in the history of the world. The Brahminism that threw cow dung at her, threatened her father so much by reading her husband Jyoti Ba that the father drove the son out of the house. That Savitri Bai saved the life of a Brahmin when a woman became pregnant with him. The people of the village wanted to kill both. Savitri Bai reached and saved both.

Savitri Bai did not open the first school, did not become the first teacher, but women in India will no longer look like they have looked. Its first living wake became the original charter. He gave birth to the dead and killed women of India again. The men thief society used to leave the widows of Pune pregnant and leave for suicide. There is hardly a precedent in the world of what Savitri Bai has done for such pregnant widows.

“In 1892, as Mahila Seva Mandal, she created the first women’s organization in the country for the economic development of widow women of Pune. Every 15 days in this organization, Savitribai herself would discuss with all the poor Dalit and widow women, listen to their problems and also suggest a solution to overcome it. “I have taken this part from Sujata Paramita’s article in Forward Press. Sujatha has written Savitribai Phule’s biography in detail. If you are a teacher and listen to it then read it in the class room.

Read this part aloud: “The Phule couple set up a child murderer in 28 January 1853 in the house of their neighbor friend and movement partner Usman Sheikh.” Whose responsibility was handled by Savitribai. All the destitute pregnant women were taken care of by involving them without any question, they were raised and raised, for which the cradle house was also built. This problem was so severe that it can be gauged from the fact that within just 4 years more than 100 widowed women gave birth to children in this house. ”

Savitribai and her husband Jyotiba put such a solid foundation of the feminist thinking that is constantly evolving and articulating in the world. Both did not go to Oxford. Rather, identify and oppose the evil practices. I have not written anything new. Only presented what was written. Rather short written. That is why it is written that we do not remember Savitribai Phule just for postage stamps. If you remember then, how poor and ruthless the society at that time was. In that superstitious society, there was also a logical and compassionate woman whose name was Savitri Bai Phule.

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