While watching Sanju remember some truths hidden by Hirani and Sanjay Dutt

Sanju, a biopic on Sanjay Dutt’s life, is breaking the box office success records. In the first week, the film’s earnings have crossed 100 crores. But people are getting different reactions to this film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, on the one hand people are talking about Ranbir Kapoor’s brilliant performance, on the other hand some people believe that Sanjay Dutt’s life and crimes are covered To put this film has been produced, in which an attempt is being made to improve public image by applying crores of rupees.

Sanjay’s involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts has blown the head of the media. It is as if Sanjay stood in the dock because the media was behind him, not because he had a suspicious relationship with the underworld and kept AK guns and grenades in his house!

As a writer of a book by researching Sanjay Dutt, I would like to say that I was more frustrated by the way the case was deviated and made lighter, seeing that many important characters and events in Sanjay’s life have been disappeared from the film. Here I am mentioning many such important things, on whose behalf this film takes a blind eye.

1: Sanjay’s first encounter with the law

Sanjay was not confronted with the law for the first time in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. In 1982, he was caught in a shootout at his home on Pali Hill for the first time.

What does the book say?

May 22, 1982 was a summer night. Most residents of the elite Pali Hill were fast asleep. There was darkness in the number 58 bungalow near St. Anne’s Church. But the turmoil was hidden behind the peace seen from above. Suddenly, this neighborhood was awakened by the sounds of firing and glass shattering.

Sanjay Dutt was walking in the air waving his rifle of .22 bore and staring in the premises of his bungalow. In a few minutes, anxious neighbors and anxious passersby came out and they were trying to peek inside. It seemed that the young man was not in control, he could not understand anything and he seemed to be a little nervous. After that he started crying. He began to climb the barbed wire fence with bare hands due to his shaking body. Regardless of the blood flowing from his hand, Sanjay’s scream was echoing in the air: ‘Why are you all afraid of me? I am not a drug addict. I have given up drugs! ”It was becoming evident that Tina Accountant was going to leave her life like this, still bothering her.

It was gradually clear what had happened: Sanjay, who was addicted to alcohol and was in a sorrow of heartbreak, had fired indiscriminately in the air in his bungalow. Some windows of the bungalow were broken by bullets and the glass of his car was shattered.

After this whole incident, Sanjay probably came to notice how irresponsible he has done, and many people are watching him. He ran back to his house and locked himself in the room. When the police came and searched the house, Sanjay could not be found anywhere. Later he admitted that a friend had secretly taken him away.

Sanjay was alone at home at the time of this firing incident. Sunil Dutt had gone to America in connection with the shooting and had taken both daughters with him. Kumar Gaurav was also going to America.

In fact, the same evening, Sanjay Dutt went to the airport to release Kumar Gaurav, when he got the news that the shooting of Tina’s film Sautan was over. The entire team of the film had returned by shooting in Singapore. But Tina did not even call Sanjay. When Sanjay reached home and took out the liquor for himself, he was agitated that Tina did not call him.

There was a breakup between them but Sanjay did not want to accept it. He said, “The shooting is over and all the people have returned. But where is it? I love him I will never live without him. ‘

2: Sanjay’s first wife Richa Sharma and first child Trishala

The film tries to show Sanju Sanjay as a big-hearted family man but Sanjay was not always like this. The film says that he had more than 350 affairs, but forgets to mention his first wife Richa Sharma. When Richa was battling cancer in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Sanjay had an affair with another big star heroine of that era.

What does the book say?

Was Madhuri worried about Sanjay getting married? She belonged to a conservative family and her image in the media was very clear. As the Star and Style story pointed out, she feared losing confidence in the public that she was about to marry a man who was the husband of a woman who had cancer, and that man because of her Was leaving his wife.

But Madhuri’s secretary Rakesh Nath’s wife and screenwriter Reema Rakesh Nath said, “I don’t think Madhuri’s personal decision should come in the way of her career for Sanjay.” Look at Hema and Dharmendraji. Hema Malini maintained her dignity despite marrying a married man. ‘

But Richa’s sister Anna did not intend to leave Madhuri like that. In the same interview of Cine Blitz, Anna said, ‘Is Madhuri so inhuman? I mean Madhuri can find any man. How can he trust such a man Is he who treated his wife like this? … I know that they are good friends because Sanjay called them from our house. And he also talks about his sister and brother here. But we never thought that this man’s affair is with Madhuri. We are very open minded. We have always given Sanjay full space. ‘

Richa hoped that everything would be alright between her and Sanjay, but the news came that Sanjay filed a divorce application in early 1993. Richa became furious. ‘What mistake have I made? I do not understand what he wants in his life. A pretty girl who is slim? I think that’s why he fell in love with Madhuri … Sanjay was a very good boyfriend. But the story was different as a husband. ‘

3: Sanjay’s sisters and his bitter relationship with Manyata

There is no doubt that Sanjay’s sisters Namrata and Priya have played an important role in Sanjay’s life since he was an addict and in jail. Despite such closeness, his relationship with his sisters deteriorated when he came close to recognition. But there is not even a dialogue on this aspect in the film.

What does the book say?

Sunil Dutt came to know about a small clinic in Mumbai and Sanjay was admitted there. There he had electrode therapy (placing electric electrode in the forehead of the patient), which was very painful, and had no effect.

When the treatment proved ineffective, Sanjay was taken to Breach Candy Hospital from there. He recounts an incident in the hospital which looks funny from above but also reveals how helpless he had become. Every night, one of his sisters had to stay with him in the hospital so that when Sanjay gets drunk, he can help him to bear his pain.

Sanjay says- ‘Priya used to study in school then … I started having hallucinations. I thought she was ‘Gurkha’. I said, “Hey Gurkha! Aye Gorkha! ”Priya got scared but did not want to murmur. She started expressing it as if she was really Gurkha. He said, “Yes Saab, speak! What to do, Saab? ”I said,“ Bring me charas. ”She said,“ Charas is not there, I have a bidi. What does bidi ask for? ”

Remembering that incident, what Sanjay said later was true, ‘Not only was I sick, but the whole family was sick with me.’

Ever since Manyata came into Sanjay’s life, she was the cause of a quarrel in the Dutt family. But perhaps the biggest quarrel between Sanjay and his sisters occurred when Sanjay tried to contest the Lok Sabha elections on a Samajwadi Party ticket in 2009 (eventually he could not stand the election due to his legal troubles). After that, Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh got Sanjay included in the Samajwadi Party.


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