Who is this Sudha Bhardwaj?

Through this post, I want to introduce you to such a person, which is difficult for us to be like. These are the only children of the Konkani Brahmin family. Sudha Bhardwaj. A unionist, activist and lawyer. Instead of all these tail names, if you just call them ‘humans’, then believe that you will convey the word “Insaniyat” to his mayar.

I have known Sudha since 2005, but she put a dot on the forehead in a very simple veneer, for the women, peasants and weaker sections of the city and village of Chhattisgarh, with this extraordinary talent, excellent academic ability and great knowledge. I could not get acquainted with him even after working for almost three years. The big reason for this was that it was never a choice to tell them about themselves and publicize their work.

In 2008, when I had gone to Delhi for some work, a friend of mine got to read the article written by Sudha, former West Bengal finance minister, in an English daily about Sudha. After reading the article, he called me and told me about Sudha’s previous life, and I was stunned by comparing Sudha’s history with her simple and simple life.

I was surprised to learn that Sudha, who lives in a labor colony, is the topper of IIT Kanpur in 1978. He was an American citizen by birth, and has primary education in England. The common man cannot even imagine that a person from this back ground would be living with the laborers in their colony without milk, tea and rice.

Economics Department At The Best

Sudha’s mother Krishna Bhardwaj used to be the dean of the economics department at JNU, was an excellent classical singer and was also a contemporary of Amartya Sen. Even today, in memory of Sudha’s mother, Krishna Memorial Lecture is held every year in JNU, in which famous educationists and scholars of the country are present. Despite being a topper from IIT, Sudha could not keep her career charm open and due to her leftist tendencies she came in contact with Shankar Guha Niyogi, the charismatic union leader of Chhattisgarh in the 80s and then made Chhattisgarh her domain. took.

For more than 35 years, in Chhattisgarh, while fighting the battles of workers, peasants and the poor in the street and court, they blew all the money of their mother’s PF. His mother had bought a house in Delhi which is in his name nowadays but is just in the name. The house is on rent, whose order has been given to the tenant to deposit the rent in the account of Mazdoor Union.

The American citizenship that people are willing to do anything to get a bye berth, that American citizenship has been thrown in the American Embassy long ago.

The biggest names of social movement and social justice are rich in India and are known for their outreach and expansion beyond their work but for giving up their luxury at the cost of improving the condition of those for whom they are working. Never look ready Here is Sudha, who gave up her life in anonymity by abandoning the pretense of being an American citizen and IIT topper.

The body of Sudha, who has been politely turned down without any fee, advocates for the gurus and has been made a high court judge, wants to answer. His knees have been worn running for 35-40 years. His friend doctor wants to tie him to bed. But as soon as the poor, farmer and laborer hear a small scream, their feet get hit and then they do not listen to their body.

Due to his extreme leftism, I have ideological differences with him, but I have always bowed down in front of his dedication and passion for his work. I say with the claim that if they had even propagated 10 percent of their work, there would not be any such award in the world that would not have felt honored to have got them. It is not my fault for you Sudha could only be Sudha and no one else.

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